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[edit] Louisiana lingerie?

Note that the state of Louisiana's underpants are only halfway on (and they are on sideways). It's likely a vague reference to Mardi Gras and its reputation for drunken wildness.

From: weird dream
Posted on: 06:19, 22 November 2005 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • This has been on the page for over a year.
  • What other explanation can be offered for the state of their underdrawers?

Arguments against:

  • This is too big a stretch.
  • There is far more to LA than Mardi Gras.
  • It may have more to do with the shape of the state.
  • Illinois is wearing its underpants on its head, so to speak. We never even attempted to guess the reason for that. Is Louisiana any different?

Additional comments:

  • This one has been on the page for quite a while. Perhaps longevity alone shouldn't decide whether an item stays or goes, but I think old facts like these that are at least plausible should be grandfathered in. And this one is at least plausible.
    • I must respectfully dissent and state that I don't believe that longevity should cause us to accept any Fun Fact for being "at least plausible", seeing that we normally require a much higher standard of likelihood.
      • However, in cases like these, longevity does carry some weight, because in that timespan, thousands of eyes have tacitly accepted the fact simply by allowing it to remain on the page.
  • I don't believe the state of the underwear requires an explanation; this may be just how TBC decided to draw them.
  • Given current events, this could prove a very sensitive topic.
    • I don't see what that has to do with anything. This email predates the hurricanes by a good three years.
  • Too big a stretch? This is what I've thought from the first time I watched the easter egg. It's stupid to not keep this fact... "it's likely a vague reference"...? You can't even admit that much?
    • I would appreciate if you wouldn't say "it's stupid not to keep this fact" when there are obviously people who don't think we should keep it. Let's keep our arguments courteous.

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