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In the toilet Easter Egg, Strong Sad saying "Weeee" is an inside reference to the Cheat Commandos episode Shopping For Danger. Gunhaver says "Weeee" in the same way when he's sliding down the ripcord.

From: unnatural
Posted on: 4:04, 6 February 2007 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • If Homestar Runner, thinking he's an ant, talking about chocolate cake is supposedly an inside reference, then this definitely is.

Arguments against:

  • Matt Chapman does the voices for both Strong Bad and Gunhaver in a very similar way. It's mere coincidence that they sound alike.
  • If anything, it's more similar to What's Her Face in Teen Girl Squad Issue 10, though I don't think that's a reference either.
  • Besides, Gunhaver says it with a different tone.
  • People say "Weee" all the time when they're having fun, whether they're on the swing, going down a slide or being flushed down the toilet. It's not an inside reference.
  • I don't think the two relate to each other properly.

Additional comments:

  • How could "weee" be an inside reference? The Brothers Chaps didn't invent the word. If they did, then it might possibly be an inside reference even though it's only one word. Regardless, that isn't the case.

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