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Oh, check me out, it's in back of my head!

Strong Bad's head is behind The Paper when he comes back to look at it.

From: more armies
Posted on: 18:44, 23 May 2007 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  1. There probably is limited space between the Lappy and The Paper. How could he fit his head there?
  2. If he's talking about the Paper, why whould he stick his head behind the Paper?

Arguments against:

  1. He heard the noise and saw it from off screen. He just comes back to talk, not to look.
  2. Strong Bad's head has been behind The Paper ever since the days of some kinda robot.
  3. Someone sugested that the printer was attatched to the camera, to say why it's never seen. Then, this limited space would be between the lens and paper.
  4. Regardless of where the printer is or what it may or may not be attached to, I think Strong Bad is looking at the printer. As i said on the discussion page of the original, if your printer shot out a mangled paper and made a bad noise would you look at the paper, or the printer?
    1. He's actually still looking at the screen in this case - his graphic hasn't changed at all when he pops back into the frame.

Additional comments:

  • If it's been that way since the very first email, I don't see why it's suddenly notable now.
    • Has it actually ever been clear-cut before? The Paper is almost always too far above whichever character is pictured for us to be able to see whether the character appears in front of or behind it.
  • Argument against #3 is speculation, especially since characters have been known to look up at or even tear down The Paper.
    • Nobody tears down The Paper in autobiography. Was that what you meant to link to?
      • Strong Bad tears down The Paper when he prints the email.

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