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STUFF is no longer in use. For fun-fact disputes, please use the individual toon's talk page.
This page is preserved here as an archive. Do not add new items.

Welcome to STUFF!
This is where we Select The Usable Fun Facts.

What is this page and when should we use it?

Technical instructions

How to vote
  • Click "edit" next to the section below that contains the fact on which you want to vote.
  • If necessary, make an argument by adding a numbered item (#) below either {{stuffargsfor}} or {{stuffargsagainst}}.

    #Someone else's argument.
    #Your argument here.

  • Vote using a number sign followed by three tildes (not four).

    #[[User:Another user|Another user]]
    #~~~ (your vote here)
    #~~~ (or perhaps here)

  • Preview and save the page.
  • Click on "Back to STUFF index" to return to this page.

Notes about voting
  • You must be logged in when you vote. Votes cast by anonymous users do not count, and your vote will be deleted, even if you have an account. If you do not have an account, take a second to create one. It won't bite you.
  • Do not sign arguments. They belong to the wiki.
  • Likewise, do not sign comments. Try to keep comments to a minimum.
  • Do not delete valid arguments (but see notes below); only add them. (You do not have to agree with an argument for it to be considered valid.)
    • You may revise or merge arguments, as long as the substance of the argument(s) does not change.
    • Arguments that offer nothing new (ones that merely second someone else's thought) should be merged or removed.
    • Arguments that do not speak to the merits of the fact ("This is the best fact ever!") should be removed.
    • Personal attacks or rants will not be tolerated and should be removed.
    • You may only add or edit arguments while logged in. Write a comment in the edit summary, and do not mark the edit as minor.
  • Revisions to facts are considered separate. You can decline the original wording but accept the revision. (You cannot accept more than one revision. Only your bottommost vote to accept will count.)
  • Anyone who alters or removes arguments in bad faith will be considered to be committing vandalism.

[edit] STUFF'd facts

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