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This page is experimental. If you have ideas on how it can be improved, please list them on the talk page.

These discussions are currently open and are in need of resolving, either by consensus or otherwise. If you're unsure how to list a discussion on this page, just do your best and someone will come along soon to help with the formatting.



Topic Topic Description Discussion
Character Relationships Pages on how characters relate to one another


Topic Topic Description Discussion
The Reddest Radish Dispute over what Strong Bad says

Specific Page Discussion and Naming

Page Page Description Discussion
Breaking into Strong Bad's House Page about characters trespassing into each others' houses or into Bubs' Concession Stand.
  • Which name could cover all the known instances of breaking in.
Bubs's Keytar Describes the keytar Bubs used in cheatday
Evolution of Characters Page linking to various character evolutions
Fake Sound Effects Page about characters voicing sounds instead of an actual sound playing
All Toons List of all toons, games, main pages, etc. that have been put on the site.

Specific Page References and Wording

Page Page Description Discussion
Fourth Wall Breaks Catalogs characters' acknowledging that they are fictional characters within a created body of work
Nickelodeon Lists references to programming featured on the children's cable network


Topic or Page Topic or Page Description Discussion
Deletion Summary Template A template that tells when an article was put up for deletion and what the outcome was
One-time User Reverts When an anonny or a newly created user makes a single, constructive edit
  • If someone needs to revert their edit, what's the best way to let them know not to get discouraged; also concern that discouraged users may become vandals
Template:incomplete list Notes articles that have sections that need expansion

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