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"Quit rubbing that plastic bar of soap on the desk!"
See the original, very long discussion.

In late 2006, the decision was made to redesign the wiki logo. In the end, a modified version of the original logo was chosen: Homestar Runner grinning in front of an Old New Intro-style background and blinking once every twenty-five seconds. More information about this process is available at HRWiki:A History#Logo. An archive of the completed discussion is available here.

Below are some of the logo designs that were created and considered in this process.

Logo Name Description
Current This is the current logo, featuring Homestar Runner on the background from the Old New Intro.
Almost Everybody Homestar Runner with silhouettes of Strong Bad, The Cheat, Marzipan and Coach Z in the background.
Basement Homestar Runner in Strong Bad's Basement.
Black Background Homestar Runner and the official logo on a black background.
Current Updated
Updated/modernized version of the current logo.
Encyclopedia A picture of encyclopedia entries about Homestar Runner.
Everybody, Everybody A picture of the entire main cast; could use better looking text.
FCUSA Puzzle A Free Country, USA renderation of the Wikipedia logo, with Homestar pecking from the bottom. The logo fits the thought that the wiki builds and adds on to the world of Homestar Runner.
Field Homestar Runner at The Field.
Homestar and Strong Bad Homestar Runner and Strong Bad together in front of a swirl-like background.
Homestar and Strong Bad in the Field Homestar Runner and Strong Bad together in front of the field.
Homestar STAR Homestar Runner coming out of a Star with a familiar background.
Jokestar Runner ...seriously, I blame the pudding pops.
Kamikaze Full Body
A modern, full body Homestar Runner over the background from the Old New Intro. Also a version (right) where the background has been set out of focus (blurred).
Lappy Homestar Runner's reflection in the Lappy 486 screen.
Official Logo Homestar Homestar Runner in front of the official logo.
Official Logo with Green Wiki The official logo with a "wiki" extension.
Image:Sherlockrunner_Logo.PNG Old Homestar Homestar Runner standing next to a green oval and a white background.
Old New Star A transition between the original and modern incarnations of Homestar Runner. There's also a stationary version without the transition.
Puzzle Jigsaw puzzle pieces to form one big picture. This concept matches the idea of the wiki forming lots of little pieces
Running Intro A running shot of Homestar Runner from the Old New Intro.
Then and Now The original and modern incarnations of Homestar Runner.
Weclome Back The main characters grouped together, from Weclome Back.
Wiki Globe A modification of the Wikipedia globe logo, with Homestar's hat imposed on the globe, and character faces in the pieces.
World Homestar Runner in front of a globe that features the fictional world in which Free Country, USA exists.
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