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Occasionally The Brothers Chaps have put part or all of the Homestar Runner website on hiatus. This has been happening particularly recently, especially with Strong Bad Emails.

Strong Bad Emails

"A comeback... or was it?"

The first long Strong Bad Email hiatus was in between email thunder and hremail3184, lasting 280 days (nine months and one week). It was the longest Strong Bad gap when it came out, and for a while after that it was slightly more slow than usual, most of the time with one Strong Bad email coming out each month. The last Strong Bad email, videography, came out in October 5th, 2009, and as of now it is the longest Strong Bad email gap in the history of the site. The gap is still going.


During 2010, after the April Fools' Day toon Xeriouxly Forxe came out, barely any material was produced on the website. Most of the articles presented on the main page were Store offers. This may be because of a new baby in the family, as noted on the FeedBurner page, and the possibility they were busy working on Poker Night at the Inventory.

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