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Week 42, 2011


Onion Bubs is an onion version of Bubs that, according to Strong Bad, was one of the many temporary replacements for Original Bubs. Since Strong Bad apparently made up Original Bubs, it initially seemed as though the same was also true of Onion Bubs, but it has since made other appearances. In terms of appearance, Onion Bubs is nothing more than an onion with Bubs's face drawn on it. Curiously, despite allegedly replacing Original Bubs, his eyes and mouth are shaped more like those found on regular Bubs. Strong Bad describes him as a "fan favorite", and, indeed, his appearance was met, along with subsequent appearances, with great cheering and a single overenthusiastic voice shouting his name over and over again. (more...)

Week 41, 2011

"What perfect teams, huh, guys?"

Kick-A-Ball is a Big Toon released on Tuesday, March 17, 2009, where The Even Stevens (led by Homestar Runner) take on Little Stevie and the Evens (led by Strong Bad) in a game of kickball. This toon marks the first appearance of The Umpire since the original book version of Where My Hat Is At?. The action starts with a team selection between Homestar and Strong Bad over the rest of the main cast. Homestar wins the coin toss and is intent on selecting Pom Pom. Only he does so repeatedly, leaving the pair to comprise their entire team. Nevertheless, a heated contest between the two teams begins and the score remains close. Which team will be victorious? Will Strong Bad cheat his way to victory? Stay tuned to find out! watch (more...)

Week 40, 2011*

"My life is a joke."

The King of Town is the de jure ruler of Free Country, USA. However, nobody wishes to acknowledge this; it's therefore possible that this character is a satire on the obsolescence of monarchy. He is not considered funny or cool by anyone. One of his main problems is that he is a glutton and will eat anything in front of him (except peas and whatsit). His favorite food is butter. He employs The Poopsmith and a few other characters. His age is known to be somewhere in his 60's. He also leads the K.O.T.H.S. Junior Varsity Marching Band during the Fall Float Parade. According to a message he left on Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2, he can play the guitar, and along with The Cheat, he has a cut a remix demo called "Not Talkin' About Butter". He also apparently has his very own "quite popular cartoon show" according to the email senior prom, but it was pre-empted in favor of a Strong Bad Email.

Week 39, 2011


Vector Strong Bad is Strong Bad's head as a 3-D vector character which lives in the Vector Field. He first appeared in the Strong Bad Email "video games", as the enemy in the game StrongBadZone, in which the player "...must block [his] perplexing geometric attacks with a Cyber-shield, or face certain 3-D doom." It was playable as an Easter egg in said email, and became an official game when the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu was released. He shouts poorly translated lines, most famously, "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!", or a variation thereof. According to alternate universe, he functions as Stinkoman's "training simulator", and he and Stinkoman are pals, as shown when he refers to Stinkoman as his "doge". (more...)

(Week 38, 2011)*

Good morning, reality!

Sometimes, the characters break the fourth wall by displaying awareness that they are in an Internet cartoon. Fourth wall breakages are common in Strong Bad Emails; Strong Bad often addresses the viewers, and references to his "email show" are made. Some of these supposed "fourth wall breaks" may be explained by assuming that Strong Bad has a live webcam show in which he answers e-mails, or that he is talking to an imaginary audience, but in other instances the characters actually refer to the fact that they are in cartoons, which is a real fourth wall break. (More...)

Week 37, 2011

"Telltale has been rejecting my ideas for green text adventures for years..."

Telltale Games is a video game company that has partnered with Videlectrix to produce Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, a game in five episodes, or 'actionsodes' in Strong Bad's term, for PC and WiiWare. According to Strong Bad, "Telltale has been rejecting my ideas for green text adventures for years, but we finally reached a compromise with this puffy 3D point-and-click-em-up adventure. They claim all the coding was done with green text, so I guess that's pretty cool." (more...)

Week 36, 2011

"Don't hate the game, hate the playa."

Duck Guardian One is a Videlectrix game released on August 30, 2004. The plot is to save ducks from various hazards and lead them into a spaceship in order to transport them to the hungry people of Vexar VII. You do this by using a variety of rays on the ducks. Some rays in Duck Guardian One include the Direct Ray (turn the ducks around) and the Freeze Ray (freezes ducks in place). There are 33 waves of ducks to rescue, enemies to avoid, and hazards to overcome. "Save a Duck, Save THE WORLD!!" play (more...)

(Week 35, 2011)*

8-bit majesty!!

TROGDOR! is a game released by Videlectrix on March 17, 2003, based on the character of Trogdor from the Strong Bad Email dragon. When it was first released, the game was accompanied by the short Arcade Game. This game is notably one of the most popular games on Playing as Trogdor, the player must squish peasants to achieve burnination, at which point Trogdor can burninate cottages. Burninate all the cottages, and the player moves on to the next level. Meanwhile, for a challenge, knights patrol the area and archers will appear from time to time and shoot arrows. If Trogdor touches a knight, he will be SWORDED!; if he is hit by an arrow, he'll be ARROWED! (More...)

Week 34, 2011

"Onward to Strong Badia! Strong Badia... the free!"

Strong Badia the Free is the second episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People. The King of Town becomes tyrannical and institutes an email tax. For not paying said tax, Strong Bad is placed under house arrest with an exploding collar strapped around his neck. After Strong Bad escapes, he announces that Strong Badia will secede from Free Country USA, and attempts to rally his fellow citizens into joining him. However, everyone goes off to form their own countries instead, and Strong Bad must now unite the fractured nations under one banner (namely, his) in order to complete his mission to overthrow The King of Town's "fat-thority". (more...)

(Week 33, 2011)*

Can he be the guy?

1-Up is Homestar Runner's 20X6 counterpart. Everybody says Stinkoman's the guy, but 1-Up wants to be the guy too. Stinkoman wouldn't let him because he was just a kid, and maybe he will let him when 1-Up gets older. However, in the description for Level 5 in Stinkoman 20X6, it says that 1-Up proved he's not just a kid in the previous level. Stinkoman has yet to acknowledge this. He is often squished by Pan Pan, usually to Stinkoman's great delight. His most notable accomplishment outside of Stinkoman 20X6 is that he found Homestar's "time box" in time capsule. (more...)

(Week 32, 2011)*

"I'm a self-made man, I am, I am."
Bubs is the all around fix-it man. Running his own concession stand, Bubs is a sharp salesman who will sell almost anything, and has developed a habit for selling ridiculous items at a humorously high price. His facial configuration is puzzling; in Pumpkin Carve-nival, he appears to have a safety pin stuck through his face above an internal ear. He hangs out and talks with Coach Z and also reads back issues of Motor Trend magazine in his spare time. Bubs dances and attends night courses at Disco Tech. In Strong Bad's record book, he was solely declared "Cutest couple." Bubs once claimed he was able to fly until Strong Bad got him to say the word "Sbu." However, he said he was only able to hover a couple inches off the ground since he gained so much weight, so it wasn't too big of a loss.

(Week 31, 2011)*

"Never fear, Strong Bad! I know how to fix your computer box."
"Virus" is the 118th Strong Bad Email, released in mid-November 2004. The email brought a drastic end to the 78-email reign of the Compy 386 era, and set the stage to usher in the Lappy 486. What began as a routine email check for Strong Bad quickly exposed the vulnerabilities of the Compy's virus protection and Strong Bad's incompetence at being able to maintain it. The 423,827 viruses infected the greater Homestar Runner universe, causing great physical havoc leading to numerous fourth wall breakages.  (More...)  watch

(Week 30, 2011)*

"O holy crap"

The word "crap" is a prominent part of the Homestar Runner universe. The word itself is often used as a substitute for vulgarity, and it often describes things that Strong Bad and other characters find stupid or offensive. In addition, Strong Bad has become infamous for the phrase "Holy crap!", an exclamation he frequently used early in his evolution, but not so much today. In fact, Strong Bad currently voices his displeasure openly whenever he receives an email signed with the word "crap". (More...)

Week 29, 2011

"I can see you from here!"

In the 177th Strong Bad Email, original, when asked about TV shows replacing actors, Strong Bad explained the supposed existence of the original actor to play Bubs, who was aptly named Original Bubs. This actor has great eyesight; he can see you from behind the concession stand. Due to an unfortunate incident involving one of the twelve King of Towns eating all the mayonnaise off of Original Bubs's egg salad, Original Bubs suddenly left the show. Then the rest of the cast had to write in clever ways to include him, so that viewers didn't know he was gone, such as Homestar remarking that Original Bubs is behind a box. This was followed by having rotating guests come in to play Bubs, such as Senator Cardgage Bubs, Crack Stuntbubs, and fan favorite Onion Bubs. Finally they settled on the current Bubs, who had zero experience and was not well known at the time, and it had been downhill ever since. Then Bubs shows up and makes Strong Bad come clean. After he does, Strong Bad claims that he didn't make the whole idea up; that in fact the New Paper, whose debut was just four emails earlier, was a replacement of a character who had quit. He also remarked that the New Paper was quite disappointing thus far. watch (more...)

(Week 28, 2011)*

"No probalo!"

Senor Cardgage first appeared in the Strong Bad Email kind of cool, in which Strong Bad is asked what he would be like if he was not stylish and buff. He describes "Creepy Comb-Over Story Strong Bad" who is just like Senor Cardgage. Both are, at least to Strong Bad, "so cool, you don't even know [that they are] cool". Senor Cardgage is apparently the creepy guy that lived down the street from The Brothers Strong when they were little, whose extreme sketchiness gave Strong Sad nightmares. He now runs his own mortgage business as well as a used car dealership, in addition to having a job as an usher. He has also gotten fourteen degrees in the CGNU Online E-niversity during his lunch "take", including one that lets him "legally prescribe marriages in the state of Kansattica". His name is pronounced "Seh-nor", not "Seh-nyor", because his name is spelled with an "N" rather than an "Ñ". He is apparently ambidextrous. (more...)

Week 27, 2011

"...And when I get mad, it'd play the demo."

In crazy cartoon, the 72nd Strong Bad Email, monkeydude asks Strong Bad to make a crazy cartoon. Strong Bad thus creates the world of Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, the 21st Strong Bad Email Spin-off. As Strong Bad explains, every crazy cartoon needs a title that has nothing to do with what the cartoon is about. This one will feature a main character that looks like a mix between a cow and a helicopter. Every episode will be about him trying to get a worm out of the ground. Also, at least once an episode, Eh! Steve! will make an appearance to deliver his catchphrase, and Bubs would be the voice of The Wheelchair who spends his time trying to catch or defeat Eh! Steve!. Strong Bad would be in the cartoon too, but his head would be replaced by an old keyboard that plays the demo when he gets mad. Later on, Strong Bad mentions The Cheat makes some crazy cartoons, so he goes to watch The Cheat's first crazy cartoon. watch (more...)


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