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This page lists articles that have been featured on the Main Page. If you have ideas for pages that should be featured, please list them on the nominations page and discuss them on the selections page.  

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Week 27, 2011

"...And when I get mad, it'd play the demo."

In crazy cartoon, the 72nd Strong Bad Email, monkeydude asks Strong Bad to make a crazy cartoon. Strong Bad thus creates the world of Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, the 21st Strong Bad Email Spin-off. As Strong Bad explains, every crazy cartoon needs a title that has nothing to do with what the cartoon is about. This one will feature a main character that looks like a mix between a cow and a helicopter. Every episode will be about him trying to get a worm out of the ground. Also, at least once an episode, Eh! Steve! will make an appearance to deliver his catchphrase, and Bubs would be the voice of The Wheelchair who spends his time trying to catch or defeat Eh! Steve!. Strong Bad would be in the cartoon too, but his head would be replaced by an old keyboard that plays the demo when he gets mad. Later on, Strong Bad mentions The Cheat makes some crazy cartoons, so he goes to watch The Cheat's first crazy cartoon. watch (more...)

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