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This page lists articles that have been featured on the Main Page. If you have ideas for pages that should be featured, please list them on the nominations page and discuss them on the selections page.  

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Week 2, 2011

"Zee S is for Sucks!"

In the Holiday Toon Trogday 08, released Monday, January 14, 2008, Strong Bad honors the fifth birthday of that famous dragon... only it's not what you may expect. Instead of honoring the dragon that most people expected Strong Bad to celebrate, instead he pushes Trogdor aside to make way for a new dragon that was scrapped early on in the process. While Trogdor himself has a heavy metal tune with screaming lyrics and guitars, The S is for Sucks has a playful, laid-back alphabet song that Strong Bad himself admits he prefers. Trogdor is angered by Strong Bad's preference and actually leans against the window of the house Strong Bad was in and roars, blurring the line between the fiction or lack thereof of Trogdor's existence in Free Country, USA. Strong Bad then proceeds to sing a heavy metal version of The S is for Sucks, apparently to keep himself safe from Trogdor's unbridled rage. (more...) watch

Week 1, 2011


Cheatball is the 20X6 version of The Cheat. He first appears in the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu. His eyes bear a resemblance to the eyes of "Holy-crap-adorable The Cheat" from and his facebone has no pointy end, similar to the "cute, fluffy The Cheat" in lady fan. The Cheatball's mouth , unlike other 20X6 characters' mouths, stays small when speaking, and when closed. Cheatball also appeared in trading cards as a trading card character, in which he has a round ball-like body with no visible arms or legs, and seems to speak only by saying his name, much like a Pokémon character. He uses an attack called "Poison Rain Vornado", which is basically a small explosion of green smoke. In the DVD commentary for japanese cartoon, The Brothers Chaps point out that the spaceship seen in the email was originally going to be the 20X6 version of The Cheat, and mulled over whether to keep it that way. (more...)

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