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== Week 26, 2005 ==
== Week 26, 2005 ==
{{HRWiki:Featured article for 2005, week 26}}
{{HRWiki:Featured article for 2005, week 26}}
== Week 25, 2005 ==
== Week 25, 2005 ==

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This page lists articles that have been or will be featured on the Main Page. If you have ideas for pages that should be featured, please list them on the nominations page.

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Week 26, 2005

The Floppy Disk Container
The Floppy Disk Container sits to the right of Strong Bad's computer. Whenever the view on a toon or email cuts to a wider view of Strong Bad's computer desk, the Floppy Disk Container is there. With a new game displayed almost every time, it's become an Easter egg of itself. The majority of the labels are names of computer games, and mostly from the '80s. This page not only lists each game, but also includes a brief summary of the described game.

Week 25, 2005

Crazy Go Nuts University

Crazy Go Nuts University is a university created by Strong Bad. It may be a mockery of Whatsamatta-U, of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame. To attend CGNU, send in the free art test consisting of drawing a guy with a big knife. A diploma from Crazy Go Nuts University will be pretty impressive on your wall, and all your friends will be pretty impressed. "Remember, at Crazy Go Nuts University, the future is... you. Probably."  

Week 24, 2005

Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits

The CD you've all been waiting for! It's Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits! With 20 songs by Strong Bad, Marzipan, Taranchula, Coach Z, Limozeen, and more! Spectacular cover and inside drawings by the man himself, Strong Bad! And a "Secret Song" sung by Homestar Runner!

You might expect to pay almost $193.75 for this timeless collection, but can be yours at the Homestar Runner Store for only a small fee of $12.00!

Week 23, 2005

powered by The Cheat

The Cheat and his trusty computer, Tangerine Dreams, have been spewing out "Powered by The Cheat" Flash cartoons since 2002. The Cheat's toons, which are a parody of the many poorly drawn Flash cartoons on the web, are usually packed with bad animation, poor imitations of the character's voices (provided by Mike Chapman), and nonexistent plots. He always incorporates himself into his cartoons, sometimes in a Hitchcock-style cameo, but usually making himself appear awesome or receive some sort of prize. The Cheat has won many prizes for these cartoons in real life, including an iron goblet full of Brunswick Stew and the so called "Pizza Trophy".

Week 22, 2005

Strong Bad Email

Strong Bad's emails are the most frequently updated feature of They were originally a small feature introduced in 2001, in which Strong Bad would mock the spelling and grammar of those who wrote him. Although the animations were initially brief, the responses gradually grew to establish numerous catchphrases and running gags, as well as spin-offs like Trogdor, 20X6, Teen Girl Squad, and even the main character Homsar. A typical Strong Bad email will also include numerous easter eggs and other hidden material.

Week 21, 2005

Homestar Runner Logo

Homestar Runner (often abbreviated HR, HSR or H*R) is an animated cartoon series available mostly through It has an absurdist sense of humor similar to that found in H.R. Pufnstuf. Although originally conceived as a book written for children, the site is perhaps most popular with (and has been gravitating toward) young adults, with its short movies, games, charmingly naïve music, and plentiful opportunities for interaction.

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