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== Week 30, 2012 ==
{{HRWiki:Featured article for 2012, week 30}}
== Week 29, 2012 ==
== Week 29, 2012 ==
{{HRWiki:Featured article for 2012, week 29}}
{{HRWiki:Featured article for 2012, week 29}}

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Featured Article Archives

This page lists articles that have been featured on the Main Page. If you have ideas for pages that should be featured, please list them on the nominations page and discuss them on the selections page.  

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Week 30, 2012

"Yeah? You think you got it like that?"

In strong badathlon, the 165th Strong Bad Email, Lewis Rudkin asks Strong Bad how far he could throw The Cheat and if Strong Bad didn't want to do that, then if he could beat the crud out of Homestar Runner for no reason. Strong Bad then reveals that the things asked of him are the first two events of the Strong Badathlon, but they are unfortunately his worst events. The Poopsmith dominates "The Cheat Chuck" by using the Whatsitburied Slop. "Greco-Roman Homestar Crud-Out-of-Beating"'s champion is Homestar Runner himself since, as Strong Bad puts it, "the reigning champion seems to have intimate knowledge of Homestar's weak points". The remaining events of the Strong Badathlon are the "Remote Put", the "Clean and Jerk Strong Mad's Underwears Over His Head", and "Probably Something with Guitars, lasers, Robots, and Hot Girls". This email is also the first of six consecutive emails to seemingly randomly mention DNA evidence which would later be explained in the toon of the same name. Beating up Homestar would later serve as the primary focus of Homestar Ruiner, the first episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. watch (more...)

Week 29, 2012

"So hopefully one day technology will catch up with my advanced thinking."

In video games, the 94th Strong Bad Email, Taylor R. asks Strong Bad what he would be like in a video game. Strong Bad first mentions Secret Collect, an Atari 2600-style game, in which he would wander around futuristic mazes collecting things that look nothing like him while his own graphics look nothing like him. After Secret Collect, Strong Bad mentions StrongBadZone, a vector-graphics game, in which a spiky-headed, cyber-shield guy would block attacks from a vector version of Strong Bad's head because nobody can control him! Vector Strong Bad would sometimes say poorly-translated phrases such as "BACK OFF BABY" and "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE". Next, Strong Bad mentions Thy Dungeonman, an interactive fiction game, that consists of getting Ye Flask. However, the main character is not Strong Bad. Last but not least, Strong Bad mentions RhinoFeeder, a SNES-era game, which in his words, is "super-photorealistic" and "takes migs and megs of memories just to play it". The objective of RhinoFeeder is to have Strong Bad feed a rhino while avoiding snakes. The four games can be played and they were later added to the games menu. watch (more...)

(Week 28, 2012)*

"Looks like I'm gonna have to jump!"

Dangeresque is a trilogy of amateur movies made by Strong Bad. It originates in the email "stunt double", where Strong Bad was asked if he did all his own stunts. He says he does, and shows his new film Dangeresque II: This Time, It's Not Dangeresque 1 as proof. The Dangeresque films are shot with The Cheat's video camera, then very sloppily edited together. Strong Bad plays Dangeresque, a wisecracking action hero who fights both "the law and the crime" with the help of Renaldo, played by Coach Z. The other main characters play small parts in the films, and Strong Sad is not-so-subtly edited in as a stunt double for any character that might get hit in the head or take a painful fall, despite Strong Bad's claims that he does all the stunts himself. Dangeresque's method of crime fighting is patent nonsense, but the timely delivery of catch phrases like "Looks like I'm gonna have to jump!" always makes the ladies smile. Dangeresque II also has a prequel, Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, Too?, and a sequel, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective. (more...)

Week 27, 2012

"Well, if you take a look at my reh-zoom..."

The Interview is a toon in which Strong Bad decides to interview Homestar Runner, mostly to find out what his "freakin' problem" is. It begins with some narration by Strong Bad himself, describing the inevitably painful task he's set down for himself. The interview is held in Marshmallow's Last Stand, and proceeds to become a series of double meanings, such as Homestar warning Strong Bad not to sit on the brass tacks they're about to get down to; not-truities, such as Homestar claiming that he drove; and role-reversals, such as Homestar interviewing Strong Bad about his baking and his enjoyment of the jumbles. Ultimately, Strong Bad doesn't discover what Homestar's problem is, though he does elicit a demonstration of Homestar "prancing around like an idiot". watch (more...)


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