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"Double Deuce!"

Main Page 17, a 20X6-themed Main Page, was released on January 9, 2003, just three days after the release of japanese cartoon, the Strong Bad Email that introduced 20X6. 1-Up, of course, takes Homestar Runner's place. A spaceship, Stinkoman, a 20X6 version of Marzipan, and Pan Pan all make appearances, with Stinkoman doing a spin-jump and saying "20X6!", 20X6 Marzipan saying the Japanese exclamation "Yatta!", and Pan Pan eating a bowl of rice. 1-Up also gets blue hair much like Stinkoman's. Last but not least, the screen sketches for Stinkoman to appear in the foreground and scream "Double Deuce!" while performing said attack. view (more...)

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