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"Yeah... Yeah, okay... I'll, um... I'll take this to the house."

Superbowl Dealie is a Superbowl toon that was released during Super Bowl XXXVII. The toon takes place at the Basement of the Brothers Strong, where Strong Mad is watching TV, holding a football, yelling "Take it to the house" over and over again. Strong Bad comes in and tells Strong Mad that the game has been over for 6 hours, and Strong Mad throws the football at Strong Bad. Strong Bad ends up "taking the football to the house". Homestar Runner comes in wearing a Boston Bruins shirt and watches the TV with Strong Mad. This toon makes a reference to 20X6 (because of the page title). The Paper comes down saying "Due to the big game, the Strong Bad Email will be late this week.", and Homestar peeks out from it. watch (more...)

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