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"Who needs the Cheat Commandos anyway?"

2-Part Episode: Part 1, released on June 1, 2009, is a Cheat Commandos toon. Herein, Admiral Flashfight suddenly shows up and in a shake-up immediately fires Gunhaver, Silent Rip and later Crackotage, and takes direct control of the base. His plan is to arrest the Blue Laser Commander, who the Commandos have invited over to play televised video games. After Flashfight's successful arrest and revamp of the commandos, the exiled trio move on to run the Jaded Teen Pizza pizza joint with Reynold's brother. Fed up with being bossed around, Gunhaver decides to open their own restaurant, Kitchen Commandos, which fails after only three months. Disgraced and out of work, Gunhaver realizes that the only way to show the Cheat Commandos how much they're needed is to break back into their headquarters and free the Blue Laser Commander. This they can't do alone: they will need the help of the Topplegangers. Will they succeed? Find out in 2-Part Episode: Part 2. watch (more...)

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