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(but that's a suggestion, not consensus; not to mention that I have other suggestions in mind for Ween anyway)
(Pretty much that whole discussion favoured waiting until Halloween.)
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{{featuredimage|bad graphics ghost.png|100px|"Ooh, lookit that! Little... bad graphics ghost."}}
#REDIRECT [[HRWiki:Featured article for 2007, week 18]]
The '''[[Bad Graphics Ghost]]''' was spawned by the [[Tandy 400]] to scare [[Strong Bad]] as revenge for being thrown out. It has also appeared on the screen of the broken Tandy on the [[virus]]-themed [[Main Page 22]], pestering Strong Bad on the [[strongbad_email.exe]] Disc Two menu if the viewer waits around long enough (referred to as a '[[Nicknames|Pixel Ghost]]' by Strong Bad himself), and flying behind the pumpkins in [[Punkin Stencils]].  In October 2006, a fan's Bad Graphics Ghost pumpkin carving was featured in [[Weekly Fanstuff 2006#WF-2006-10-20|Weekly Fanstuff]]. In the [[Strong Bad Email]] [[ghosts]], the Bad Graphics Ghost shows up on screen at the end. The viewer can "[[Death|kill]]" the ghost by moving the cursor over the pixels. As this is done, the pixels will disappear. If not done quickly enough, the ghost will re-draw itself. The viewer can also kill it by holding the "Tab" key. If successfully killed, the scene changes to [[Strong Sad]] in [[outer space]], where he "will sing you a scary song". '''[[Bad Graphics Ghost|(more...)]]'''

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