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The Brothers Strong. From left to right: Strong Mad, Strong Bad, Strong Sad.

The Brothers Strong is the collective term for the three brothers, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and Strong Sad. The eldest of the brothers is Strong Mad, followed by Strong Bad, then Strong Sad. According to Strong Bad in the email flashback, The Cheat was taken in by The Brothers Strong when he was found in an egg filled with fish sticks. The Strong Brothers' assumed surname is "Strong", since it is common to each of them. Even though the Homestar Runner body of work is an American-based cartoon, their family name is spoken before the individual's given name, a naming convention mistakenly labeled the Eastern order. The nationality of the brothers is fairly ambiguous. Although Strong Bad often has a faint Mexican accent, his brothers have no sign of one. In Marshmallow's Last Stand and the Old Characters Page, the Brothers Strong are said to be from a place called "Parts Unknown". In secret recipes, Strong Bad describes his childhood life in "Bumdumbourge" (a country near "Totalslava"), although this information is most likely false. Despite all this, it has been suggested numerous times that the brothers have lived in their current house in Free Country, USA throughout their lives (or at least since their childhood). (more)...

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