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"Totally not gettin' old..."

Many of the emails Strong Bad receives are signed with the word "crap" used in various ways, such as "Crapfully yours", "With lots of crap", etc. These signatures were most common during the Tandy 400 era, and were presumably a response to Strong Bad's frequent use of the phrase "Holy crap!". In the email 3 Wishes, he encourages his viewers to stop signing their emails this way, saying, "It's not required that you sign your email, 'Crapfully yours,' or, 'With a bunch of crap,' or, 'Crap in the times,' or, 'Crap is so great,' 'Everything is crap,' 'My middle name is Crapperson'." Nonetheless, he continues to receive this type of signature on a regular basis. He has now taken to openly expressing his displeasure with these closings. (more...)

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