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#REDIRECT [[HRWiki:Featured article for 2008, week 4]]
Many of the [[Strong Bad Emails|emails]] Strong Bad receives are signed with the word "crap" used in various ways, such as '''"[[Crapfully Yours|Crapfully yours]]"''', "With lots of crap", etc.  These signatures were most common during the [[Tandy 400]] era, and were presumably a response to Strong Bad's frequent use of the phrase "[[Crap|Holy crap!]]".  In the email [[3 Wishes]], he encourages his viewers to stop signing their emails this way, saying, "It's not required that you sign your email, 'Crapfully yours,' or, 'With a bunch of crap,' or, 'Crap in the times,' or, 'Crap is so great,' 'Everything is crap,' 'My middle name is Crapp[[Names ending in -erson|erson]]'." Nonetheless, he continues to receive this type of signature on a regular basis.  He has now taken to openly expressing his displeasure with these closings. '''[[Crapfully Yours|(more...)]]'''

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