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Thy Dungeonman in the original Thy Dungeonman

Thy Dungeonman is the main character in the game Thy Dungeonman. He first appeared during the Strong Bad Email video games, though his name is never mentioned. However, the box art at the end of the email is indeed titled "Thy Dungeonman", and the former playable version of the game that was linked to the email definitely mentioned that you are Thy Dungeonman. The first Thy Dungeonman game was short and simple compared to its sequels, and did not expand much on Thy Dungeonman's character, personality, or general surroundings, although there it could be grasped that Thy Dungeonman lives in a Medieval or quasi-medieval world where dungeons, flasks, scrolls, daggers, trinkets, enchanted rope, and even Wumpuses occupy the land. Later Thy Dungeonman becomes an acquaintace of Dennis, and even gives him a trinket, though Thy Dungeonman finds Dennis boring. Thy Dungeonman did not know what parapets were until Dennis told him. This knowledge (somehow) allowed Thy Dungeonman to escape thy dungeon. (more...)

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