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"Cool tapes are cool and we like it like that!"

Cool Tapes is a band formed by Marzipan in the toon Cool Things. It takes its name and logo from some graffiti Homestar Runner wrote on Marzipan's wall. When Homestar went to go fetch some paint to cover it up, Marzipan tells Homestar he "took too long" to get the paint, and she, The Cheat, and Strong Mad formed a band with the name "Cool Tapes". Its members consist of Marzipan on guitar/vocals, Strong Mad on bass, and The Cheat on drums. Currently, they have three known songs, but the titles of all three are currently unverified. The band went on tour through many bead shops and topiary gardens during June 2006 (according to Weclome Back), where Homsar sold "StEVEN INCHES" at their merchandise table for pi dollars. (more...)

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