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These are archived items from the HRWiki:Annual Checklist.


[edit] HRWiki:Featured articles

  • Note: These are done semi-annually.
  1. Create the new archive page as necessary. This step cannot be easily automated on this page. Good Luck! ;)
  2. Update {{Featured article Archives}}.

[edit] Archive Template

You may use this code as a template for the new archive page (does not include table itself; date needs to be changed as well):

{{Featured article Archives}}
:'''''[[HRWiki:Featured articles]]''' archive of weeks 27-52, 2007.''

[[Category:Featured article maintenance|{{PAGENAME}}]]

[edit] Store Front Page News

  1. Recategorize Store Front Page News 2020 from Category:Regular Updates to Category:Past Updates.
  2. Create Store Front Page News 2021 using the template below.
  3. update {{storenav}} and Store#Older News by adding a link to the 2021 news. (link source code: [[Store Front Page News 2021|2021]])

[edit] Archive Template

News of 2021 from the [[Store]].

[[Category:Regular Updates]]
[[Category:Store|News 2021]]
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