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Gunhaver on patrol

A member of the Cheat Commandos, Gunhaver (first name possibly "Charles" — see below) seems to be the leader (although Flashfight may be the leader as well). Among his mission credits are: leading an action figure storage vehicle attack on Blue Laser, leading a search party to uncover Blue Laser's secret desert headquarters, and staving off the danger of Blue Laser saving money at Price Style. Certain parts of the cartoon Let us give TANKS! strongly suggest that the rest of the Cheat Commandos regard Gunhaver as possibly too enthusiastic about his duties. He makes a cameo in an Easter egg in Teen Girl Squad Issue 7. Gunhaver may have an evil twin brother named Gunkiller as mentioned in the sbemail Web Comics.

As his name (pronounced as "Gun Havver") and a claim on his box each suggest, Gunhaver has a semi-automatic pistol. The gun was seen hanging on the wall and labeled by Reynold in Shopping for Danger. Gunhaver was actually shown brandishing it (to the astonishment of Blue Laser Commander) in "Let us give TANKS!".

Gunhaver may have a first name. In "Let Us Give TANKS!", Blue Laser Commander calls him "Charles" when asking him to play a song.

Gunhaver is a direct parody of Duke from GI Joe, complete with a John Wayne voice. According to Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 14.2 and An Important Rap Song, Gunhaver is voiced by a man named Crack Stuntman (who is also an advocate for "Pistols For Pandas"). However, he has difficulty remembering his character's name, calling him "Gun-hay-ver" and "the gun-shaver".

Gunhaver's catch phrase is "Rock rock on!"

Gunhaver is one of the Cheat Commandos featured in the first Cheat Commandos figurine set.

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