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He actually has a gun!

As his name suggests, Gunhaver possesses a gun, although he hardly ever actually carries it. While it is first seen on a rack in the Cheat Commandos HQ in Shopping for Danger, Gunhaver is never seen with it until Let us give TANKS!, when he uses it to stick up Blue Laser and his minions in the Blue Laser Cottage. Upon seeing him for the first time with his gun, Blue Laser exclaims, "Gunhaver, you actually have a gun!" The gun might be modeled after a late 1990s model of a Colt 1911 semi-automatic pistol. It has combat (non-adjustable) sights and press-check ridges toward the slide's front.

In 2 Part Episode: Part 1, Flashfight confiscates Gunhaver's gun upon firing him, but returns it to him in Part 2 once he realizes that Gunhaver and Blue Laser Commander are so absurd that they justify each other's existence and rehires him. Gunhaver, mistakenly thinking Flashfight is wearing a bulletproof vest, promptly takes the gun and shoots him.


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