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Nasty too

The Gross Old Wig was seen in the email time capsule. Homestar Runner once asked Strong Bad if he could put the Gross Old Wig in his "time machine." Homestar's motives for putting it in the time capsule are both "because it was gross and nasty and old and [he] didn't want it", as well as "so all the future peoples would know [he] had a gross old wig."

However, Strong Bad refused Homestar's request, stating that the time capsule was not a trash capsule. Homestar instead put the Gross Old Wig in a Freshley's "time box," where, in the year 20X6, it will be discovered by 1-Up.

It should be noted that this is one of the times when the nature of Homestar's arms comes into debate, as he appears to be holding both the box and its lid, as well as the wig - a task that would normally require the use of not two but three arms.

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