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Goatface is not a man that has a a face like a goat's face, or even a man with a head like a goat's head. Rather, a goatface is a man with an entire goat for his face, as laboriously described by Strong Bad in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 12.2 during a prank call. Strong Bad had invented both the moniker (probably as an alias) and the physiological description as part of a prankish insult of Marzipan's looks though at the end he gives up and flat out declares his identity and that Marzipan is ugly. Yet the prank took on a life of its own when Homestar somehow hears about The Goatface Club (invented as part of Strong Bad's prank call) and demands to be informed about it. Eventually Homestar gets so worked up that he starts calling himself "Goatface Killa."

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