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== D ==
== D ==
'''Decemberween''': A strange made-up holiday that takes place on December 25. It is no doubt parodying Christmas.
'''Dag yo''': The equivalent of saying "Dang, man" or something close to that.  Used in [[comic]] and [[Teen Girl Squad Issue 1]].
'''Dag yo''': The equivalent of saying "Dang, man" or something close to that.  Used in [[comic]] and [[Teen Girl Squad Issue 1]].

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Hear a word on and have no idea what in the world it means? Here is a great place to find what you're looking for. Also, Rejects and Inside Jokes might help. If a word is linked, click on the link to find out more information.



1936: The past of Free Country, USA. The time period that was like a REALLY old movie.

20X6: Pronounced "twenty-exty-six". Possibly the eventual future of Free Country, USA, it's the hometime of Stinkoman. It's also The Brothers Chaps' way of parodying the cliches of anime.

404'd!: Something that happens when you type in something Homestar-related that doesn't exist. The Man With The Huge Mouth does it, Strong Bad makes fun of your typing skills, and The Ugly One complains about her browser.


ARROWED!: Something that happens to the Teen Girl Squad, in which The Man With The Huge Mouth spits arrows out of his mouth at a girl. It also happens to Trogdor in the TROGDOR! game (See also: SWORDED!).

Atari 2600: A video game system, parodied time and time again in Homestar Runner. To this writer's knowledge, the first time it was parodied was in In Search Of The Yello Dello DVD, when the game Pitfall was used.

Avicide: The killing or murdering of birds. Usually happens in Teen Girl Squad comics.


BALEETED!: Another way to say "deleted". From 50 emails, in which Homestar can't spell "deleted".

Butter-Da: A "drink" that The King of Town advertises. "They tells me not to, but I still drinks it!"


Carol: Marzipan's guitar, ironically adorned with a snake painting. Also known as Carl.

CEREBELLUM'D!: The Most Random Attack to date from The Man With The Huge Mouth on the Teen Girl Squad, Cheerleader was attacked... by a giant... brain-with-an-eye-patch.

CGNU: Crazy Go Nuts University. A school that Strong Bad created. AKA "see gee in you".

CHALLENGE!!!: A favorite word (and pastime) of Stinko Man.

CHILDREN!: Another The Man With The Huge Mouth attack. He says it when he ran over So and So's New Boyfriend with a van with "CHILDREN!" written on the side.

Cold One: A drink (hinted at being beer, but since H* is sorta a kid's site, we may never officially know), that is drunk by the inhabitants of Free Country, USA. See property of ones.

...comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!: Phrase used anytime someone describes a dragon, especially Trogdor. Put the name of the thing before "comes". Originally from guitar.

Crap: It's the word that Strong Bad likes to hear himself say, but not hear other people say. It can also be changed to be Crapful, Crapfully, Crappy and various other words. Holy Crap is very popular with Strong Bad.


Decemberween: A strange made-up holiday that takes place on December 25. It is no doubt parodying Christmas.

Dag yo: The equivalent of saying "Dang, man" or something close to that. Used in comic and Teen Girl Squad Issue 1.

DELETED!!!: What Strong Bad says when he deletes a really bad e-mail, usually having to do with Boxing Gloves and typing.

DELORTED!!!: Coach Z's Pronunciation of 'DELETED!!!'. Seen in replacement. Screen turns puke green, as opposed to the usual blue.

Denny's Menu: This is the title of the Strong Bad Email menu page, where Strong Bad (occasionally accompanied by another character) does his Email Raps.

Deuce: The act of flipping someone off. Also called 'single deuce,' which is the preferred method of Pom-Pom. Apparently, 'deuce' can also mean the act of shoving a cake for The Poopsmith into Strong Sad's face.

Double Deuce: The ultimate flip-off maneuver, performed by using both hands at once. Introduced in the bird. Favored attack of Stinko Man.

Dumples: CGNU's sports team's name. Often confused for the mascot, which is "The Jolly Dumple". Homestar Runner "wondering what the Dumple is.."


Easter egg: A hidden feature in a website (they also appear elsewhere, such as DVDs and games). Authors put them in as inside jokes, or to reward especially dedicated visitors/viewers/players (or just the ones with the most spare time). Most Strong Bad Emails have at least one easter egg, as do other parts of the site.

Everloving: A term used by Strong Bad to enhance something. Always used as "Blank the everloving blank out of blank". For example: "Egg the everloving crap out of your castle", or "Beat the everloving snot out of me."

Email: The form of communication of which Strongbad gets his mail for SB Emails.


Fangoriously: To be devoured and subsequently digested in a manner similar to that of an ice cream sandwich, often by a gelatinous monster.

Fhqwhgads: A word that was invented thanks to i love you. It's short for "fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf". Very few in the land can prononce it. Homestar Runner says "Foogoomagoo." Coach Z says "FAHORDLINGRADS!" Strong Mad says "DOUGLAS!!" The word has gotten its own Music Video, and encouraged others to try to get songs about them. See i love you. Matt Chapman describes a fhqwhgad as someone that keeps jockin' you and won't get offa your tip. [1]

Fluffy Puff Marshmallows: Homestar's favorite brand of marshmallows. Mascot is Marshie. Copyright Galoob.

freakin': Something every one in the H*R universe loves to say. "Put that freakin' sandwich down!"


Gelatinous: A word that kids will learn reading Strong Bad's Children's Book.

Grumblecake: A little cake, made with steam and sugar. See stupid stuff.


H*R: A common abbreviation of Homestar Runner.

Holy Crap: A common term used by Strong Bad. It is usually said when Strong Bad is angry, annoyed, or upset.

HSR: Another common abbreviation of Homestar Runner.


Intelligent or Intelligence: Being smart. The antithesis of Homestar Runner. Homestar Runner's intelligence (or lack thereof) is mocked in many cartoons. In stupid stuff, Homestar pronounces it "Intellivision".


Jorb: How Coach Z used to say job. See A Jorb Well Done.


Kick the Cheat: Something commonly done by Strong Bad. First mentioned in little animal, also the name of the demo game for the Kick The Cheat plush doll in the Store


Late 360 shove-it to boneless'd: A halfpipe skateboarding stunt pulled by Thomas in Teen Girl Squad Issue 5.

LTWFTW-Long Time Watcher, First Time Writer. Said of a fan in stunt double.

Limozeen- A band Strong Bad is a big fan of. Introduced in Strongbad Email band names


Macromedia Flash: The software that the The Brothers Chaps use to make the Homestar Runner cartoons and the Features.

Melonade: A drink drunk by Homestar Runner. One can only assume that it is made of melon juice, sugar, and water. It first appeared in "A Jumping Jack Contest", where The Cheat offered Homestar 147 glasses of it. In helium, you see a keg of melonade to the right of Strong Bad.

MSG'd!: Another Teen Girl Squad attack from The Man With The Huge Mouth. This time he threw 3 spring rolls at The Ugly One.


Night Driving Type Game: A game at Strong Bad's Message Bored.


Old-Timey: Another name for the 1936 toons. First used in the TV Time menu entry for Kick the Can


The Paper: A piece of paper that comes down after each Strong Bad Email. It says: "Click here to e-mail Strong Bad". On King of Town Main Page, click on e-mail and wait until it is over. The paper will come down that reads a new message. "Nobody wants to e-mail The King of Town. Really."

Peasant: In order to be classified as a peasant you must smell like a peasant, look like a peasant (that is, wear a robe), and be on fire like a peasant.

Peasant's Quest: A graphical text adventure of rather large proportions from Videlectrix, featuring lush 16 color landscapes and 2 bit mono internal PC speaker sound.

Peasantry: The peasant kingdom that Rather Dashing explores in the game Peasant's Quest.

Pom Pilot: Pom Poms Palm Pilot. Strong Bad checked his email on it in the bird.

Poot Slap: A song often played in the background somewhere. By 3-Dee. "Poot slap, poot slap..."

The Process: The process of how Strong Bad chooses what E-mail to read. It is sometimes referred to in some emails, notably the process, but is mainly just referred to outside of the side.

Puppet Jam: Is the collection of recording sessions with They Might Be Giants and the puppet Homestar.



Rather Dashing: A peasant wearing short short pants who is the main character in the graphical text adventure Peasant's Quest.


SAILING MISHAP'D!: Yet another attack on Teen Girl Squad by The Man With The Huge Mouth. He runs his boat (the S. S. Inevitable) onshore, breaking Cheerleader in half.

sibbie: Someone who asked Strong Bad to write a song about him after he made one about fhqwhgads. Strong Bad refused, but somehow he made two songs: "Song About Sibbie" and "I Friggin' Hate Sibbie". See sibbie.

Soolnds: Strong Sad's feet. Only refered to in his blog.

SOOO GOOD!: Usually at the begining of an issue of Teen Girl Squad, the girls will allude to looking "Sooooooooo Good!"

The Stick: An ordinary stick that stands in the middle of a field and which the characters occasionally congregate at. See labor day and Thing in a Bag.

Strongbadia: The country ruled by Strong Bad. Its population is currently a Tire. You can check its population by looking at the sign, which is really a monument of Strong Bad's right foot. Also, by fall 2005, a bundt cake pan and coach Z will move in.

SWORDED!: This is what happens to Trogdor in the Trogdor game when he touches a knight.


Tangerine Dreams: The name of The Cheat's iMac. He uses it to make crazy cartoons and music videos.

Teen Girl Squad: An independent comic book, written and voiced by Strong Bad. It centers on four teenage girls who undergo bizarre phenomena and usually wind up dead or otherwise in trouble.

The Brothers Chaps: Mike and Matt Chapman, the brothers who make the cartoons on

Thnikkaman: Bubs' alter ego. Bascially, it's Bubs, with glasses and a piece of paper with the letters "TH" on it taped to his chest. Distracts Strong bad in monument (as well as Homestar in one of the email's easter eggs). Also implied to be the one and only reason that Homestar doesn't wear pants.

Thomas: A frequent walk-on character in Teen Girl Squad. whats her face and him may be dating, although he once hit her with a bat.

Tire: A Tire, Strong Badia's only citizen. (Unless you count the Cinder Block and Stop Sign.)

Trogdor: A dragon drawn by strong bad in dragon. Since then, has starred in his own video game.



Van Buren: This elusive President of the United States has appeared three times on The first was in E-Mail #71, in which Strong Bad sticks a Post-It note with Van Buren on it to his computer. The second instance is on the Cheat's character page. At the end, he threatens to throw a bust of Van Buren at you... and ends up doing it. Van Buren also shows up in 3 Times Halloween Funjob, on the coins Bubs gives to Homestar at the beginning. "And sixteen cents is your change!"

Videlectrix: A video-game company in the Homestar universe. Games include Trogdor, Rabbit Algebra, and more.


Wight: Homestar Runner's mispronunciation of the word 'right'.

Witch's Brew: Something that Homestar Runner is obsessed with. Started with a halloween cartoon. He thought everybody was dressed up as it. See Pumpkin Carve-nival

w00t: Pronunciated W-OOH-T, is an exclamation of joy, this is used sometimes in Teen Girl Squad


XL ProTime VHS/VCR Player. Brand of VCR that shows up in several cartoons and Strong Bad emails


Yon Castle: The name of The King of Town's happy castle where he, The Little Chef Dude, The Bishop, The Hornblower, The Knight, The Blacksmith, and The Poopsmith live. First shown in The King of Town DVD.


Z: The Z on Coach Z's medallion.

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