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When your army wins a battle, one of the phrases is "You burninated the enemy!"  Likewise, when your army is beaten, one of the phrases is "The enemy burninated your army!"
When your army wins a battle, one of the phrases is "You burninated the enemy!"  Likewise, when your army is beaten, one of the phrases is "The enemy burninated your army!"
[ Kings of Chaos]
[ Kings of Chaos]
== The Matrix Wars ==
If you successfully attack another realm in this RPG, "you burninated the enemy!" would appearat the end of the attack entry.
== Me & My Katamari ==
== Me & My Katamari ==

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Adventure Quest

  • In the free flash RPG Adventure Quest, occasionally when a Guardian summons the Guardian Dragon, the dragon will say: "BURNINATE!!! (do not sue us please)"
  • Also, there was a Homestar Runner chat icon in the forum that you could choose but it has been removed.

Age of Empires III

When you enter the cheat code 'sooo good' in single player, each unit that is killed will display a Teen-Girl-Squad-like death. MUSKETEER'ED! and JANNISSARY'ED! are some examples.

Amazing Island

On page 9/10 of the manual, there are instructions on creating a new character. Whoever took the picture had named his character Homestar.

Backyard Skateboarding: Game of the Year Edition

On the Customize Skater option, one shirt that is choosable is titled "Star Runner"; it is a red shirt with a white star.

Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator

  • In the third game in the series, when looking at a hut it is described as "A small thatched-roof cottage, suitable for burnination."
  • In the first game, you have access to a computer which is identical to the Compy 386.


Counter-Strike servers with AdminMod installed occasionally display messages "(username) was burninated by Trogdor, er by (username)" and "Headshot! For good, and for AWESOME!"

Crash Tag Team Racing

While racing, Crunch might say, "I burninated that chump!" and "Haha! Your car asplode!".

While racing, Pasadena O'Possum might say, "Hey! This ain't a monster truck rally! That's SUNDAY SUNDAY SOMEDAY!!".

Several Die-O-Ramas have titles similar to "ARROWED!" from Teen Girl Squad Issue 1 and/or comic. Among them are "SHARKED!", "CROSSBOWED!", "EXPLODEDED!"[1], "LIQUIDATED" and "JAWED!".

  1. "Explodeded" has an extra "ed" at the end, which refers to the 'D! from TGS. The font used for the Die-O-Ramas didn't have an "'", so this was used instead.

Custom Robo

Partway through the American version of the game, there is a quiz on basic game knowledge. One of the (wrong) answers to a multiple-choice question is "Parts Burninator".

Cyborg Livestock Outer Space

If you defeat the alien mothership from Shockwave's Cyborg Livestock from Outer Space, the end text says that the ship "asplode," just as your head does in the game StrongBadZone.

Dead or Alive 4

On the Gambler's Paradise stage, a ticker sign scrolls "No Probalo" in homage to Senor Cardgage.

Derby Owner's Club

One of the default sires' name is "Homestar Runner".


This homemade parody of Everquest, found at, allows one of the characters to summon Trogdor the Burninator.


In the zone Inktu'ta, The Unmasked Chapel, there is a monster called "Cursecaller Fhqwhgads". You can see a picture of it here.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

Listed in the credits, listed under "SPECIAL THANKS," is "SB/HSR".

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

  • A man in Hellfire Chasm says "This is private property. Trespassers will be burninated.".
  • In Whisperwind Cove one of the items you obtain in one of the floors from a dwarf is called 'Witches Brew"
    • Both these areas were exclusively for the GBA version of the games, and were not on the original copies for the NES.

Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords

In the custom race options one of the custom race icons looks suspiciosly like an upside down Strong Bad. [1]

Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde

In the credits of this game, it says "Additional Thanks To: Strong Bad."

Guild Wars

  • As an Elementalist (a mage), one can acquire spells called "Mark of Rodgort" and "Rodgort's Invocation." Both spells cause a condition in which the target catches on fire. Rodgort spelled backwards is Trogdor.
  • In the latest update, one can go on a quest to bring an evil Stone Summit dwarf a Cold One, which you create by adding ice to a Warm One.
  • As a Hallowe'en treat, people in Guild Wars can now get Witches' Brew.

Jack Russell

In this flash game by Kenney Altera, the in-game instructions warn that if the protagonist dog touches a mine, he will A SPLODE! The game can be found here at Newgrounds.

Kingdom Hearts II

  • When fighting the Hydra in the colisseum, a reaction called Urninator will be available. Urninator is one letter off from Burninator.
  • In the BradyGames strategy guide for the game, on page 28, there is a tipbox labeled "Everybody to the Limit", a reference to the song of the same name.

The Kingdom of Loathing

  • On The Kingdom of Loathing, when you smash the hippy stone at the campground you will go to player vs player combat. One of the ways to attack a player is to "BURNINATE".
  • In The Barrel Full Of Barrels, one of the events is entitled "Your Barrel A Splode".
  • In The Hidden Temple, one of the events is entitled "Arrowed!".
  • In the Strange Leaflet, an area based off of old text-based adventure games, you can enter in "Dennis" to hear that "You cannot go DENNIS from here."
  • In the chat function, the chat command '/baleet username' carries out the same effect as '/ignore username'.
  • The game contains an item, Marzipan skull, which contains a reference to Marzipan. The description says, "You were afraid this thing came out of a girl who looks like a broomstick with a wig and a skirt, but really it's just compressed sugar and almond extract."
  • The game also contains a Mr. Balloon item, the description of which refers to Strong Bad's song about "the High Voice Crew" from helium.
  • When you receive a new familiar, the game gives it a random name. One of these is "Stiny".
  • One of the gambling events in the Money Making Game involves shooting an arrow into a papaya à la William Tell. If you hit the papaya, it is said to be "arrow'd".
  • The description for the pirate zombie robot head contains the text "Must... fight... jibblys!" – a quote from More Fan Costumes.
  • One of the Valentine's Day gifts is an arrow'd heart balloon.
  • The description for the skewered jumbo olive says it has been "sworded".
  • The descriptions for the eXtreme meat staff, eXtreme meat sword, and eXtreme meat crossbow say the respective weapon is "to the limit".
  • The filename of the "100 Pound Load" Trophy is heavy_lourde.gif.
  • One of the adventures in a drunken stupor has the text "You buffoon. You carpetbagger. She gives you whatfor", a quote from Old-Timey Strong Bad in 50 emails.
  • Two of the combat messages from the spirit hobo refer to Senor Cardgage - the message about "low rates and percent signs" is similar to a quote from Senor Mortgage, and the message about a girl named Helvetica is based on garage sale, when Senor Cardgage refers to Strong Sad by that name.
  • When spectating on the KWE wrestling matches in the KWE chatroom, when the wrestler "Roo" is in a fight, the announcer has introduced him with "How the heck does he karate-chop with boxing gloves on?"
  • Similarly, giving a weapon to Roo in the KWE Back Room results in the message, ". . . holding this with boxing gloves will be the greatest challenge I have faced since that time I tried to type!"
  • Another KWE wrestler, "Chori Zo", has "Lady-type" for her gender in the KWE Fact Book.
  • When fighting a raging bull, one of the miss messages says, "He prepares to pummel you, but you confuse him by asking how he can do that with boxing gloves on."
  • When you were able to fight a scary pirate, one of the miss messages said, "He moans "brrraaaiiiaaarrrnns!" and starts to gnaw on your skull, but does a pretty lousy jeorb."
  • When fighting a mayonnaise wasp, one of the miss messages says, "It tries to coat you with nasty mayonnaise, but you counter with a ketchup bomb."
  • The image of the star shirt resembles Homestar Runner's shirt.
  • One of the stench resistance tests in the Daily Dungeon contains the text "or as I like to call it, 'Rotten Eggland'."
  • One of the spooky resistance tests in the Daily Dungeon uses the words "jibblies".
  • Before The LAAAAME Observatory was destroyed by part of a comet, one of the galaxies you could observe was called, "Distant Galaxy NGC-404." The filename of the image was, "404d.gif".

Kings of Chaos

When your army wins a battle, one of the phrases is "You burninated the enemy!" Likewise, when your army is beaten, one of the phrases is "The enemy burninated your army!" Kings of Chaos

The Matrix Wars

If you successfully attack another realm in this RPG, "you burninated the enemy!" would appearat the end of the attack entry. [2]

Me & My Katamari

When you roll up the pipe organ in the Zucchini Land level, the King comments on it by saying "Tangerine Dream".

Nevermore Game

If you click on the i sign at the 4th scene, the Wheat Grows Sweet noise from Peasant's Quest will play.

Playing Location:

Neverwinter Nights

New NWN patches have demo modules that illustrate creatures that have been added in those patches. These modules, created by Jay Watamaniuk, tend to be a bit silly in tone. The demo module included in v1.64, Land Sea-Puma, has a signpost with following directions:

North - Certain Dhoom
East - Most Likely Dhoom
West - Fair to Excellent Conditions for Dhoom
Dennis - Ye Will Find Nothing of Yon Interest Here Aye

Pac-Man World 3

Near the end of the Gogekko Tower level, Orson asks Pac-Man to hack into a computer, to which he replies, "It's not easy to type with boxing gloves on."

Pico's Cousin

Room: 1
Obscure Reference: 8

When you beat the game, at the 'bonus features' section, click 'Useless info', listed there is ' rules.'

The Sims: Makin' Magic

One of the appliances is called "StinkSmasher 20X6."

Slime Forest Adventure

When you die, a message pops up and says "Your head asplode!"

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

One of the default name choices at the beginning is "Homsar Dell". You may need to click on the button again many times to come to this name. Kerrek will show up as well.

Tony Hawk's American Sk8land

  • In the Vans Park level, go forward from the starting point, then spine transfer the side of the half-pipe to the quarter-pipe on the other side. If you land it, you get the gap called "WIIIIDESCREEN", a reference to flashback.

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

  • In the Vans Park level, if you grind a rail around the corner on the third floor and jump out of bounds, you will see one of four messages, "CHILDREN'D!" "ARROWED!" "MSG'D!" or "LATE 360 SHOVE IT TO BONELESS'D!"
  • Also in Vans Park, if you board whack the generator thing, you will get a message and respawn. One of the messages is "Your head asplode".
  • One of the cheats for the game is "2them00n," a reference to when Strong Bad got drunk on soy sauce and tried to fly Bubs's Concession Stand to the moon.

Tony Hawk's Underground

  • In the Moscow level, if you jump into a certain chimney, you die and the screen gives you a message. One of the messages is "BURNINATED!".
  • In the Vancouver level, when you drive the limo, the license plate on the back of it says "LimoZeen".

Total Overdose

If you manage to set an enemy on fire, you will be awarded with a burnination combo.

Track Master

In this flash game on, whenever you lose with a good score roughly around 10,000 the words "Good Jorb" appear on the screen.

Trivial Pursuit DVD: Pop2 Culture

Q: Who is Strong Bad's chronically depressed brother, in the web cartoon "Homestar Runner"? A: Strong Sad

Urbz: Sims in the City

One of the Xizzles you can get is called "All up ons", which is a reference to suntan.

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

When Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider & the Blood Elves are captured & held prisoner within the enchanted dungeons of Dalaran, one of the pair of guards taunting Kael & discussing his impending grisly execution is named Trogdar; a subtle misspelling of & reference to Blizzard's favorite wing-a-ling dragon, Trogdor.

Also, in "Extreme Candy War 2005", a bonus map produced by Blizzard themselves, a neutral shop sells "Extreme Warez", one of which is a power-up that doubles the number of troops in the next spawning for your faction; this power-up is aptly named "TO THE LIMIT!"

World of Warcraft

A character named Master Smith Burninate appears in this game. He is an NPC at Thorium Point who gives quests. His last name, Burninate, is a reference to Trogdor, who "burninates" the countryside. Also, in a place called Ratchet, there is an orc NPC whose name is Jorb.

Also, appears in the "Additional Thanks" section of the credits. Click here to view a screenshot.

X-Men Legends

"Strong Bad and Friends" are thanked in the "Special Thanks" section of the End Credits.

Worms 3D

Special maps are generated when you enter "trogdor!" and "strongbadia" into the map generator.

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