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"Alls I got is a lousy Monkeydude!"

Gambling has been seen on a couple of occasions in Free Country, USA. Usually, something other than money is at stake, such as spending the night at The King of Town's castle (the bet), changing one's name to "Kevin DuBrow" (also in the bet), or a car (pop-up).

Strong Bad once played cards with Homestar Runner and lost. To uphold his end of the bet, he was forced to wish everyone a happy Mother's Day. Although he vowed never to play cards again, he later did so in the Strong Bad Email pom pom's Easter egg, in which he played cards with Bubs and won the game by beating Bubs's Monkeydude with two Abdis and a Viklas. In the same email, he also sings an intro song about gambling ("Oh, I'm an email gambler. That means I play cards with emails. Full house.").


  • A Mother's Day Message — Strong Bad loses a bet.
  • Email 1 step ahead — Strong Bad's opening line goes, "This one better be good, man. I got a lotta money riding on this one."
  • Email the bet — Homestar and Strong Bad make a bet about Homestar being cool.
  • Email pom pom — The email intro song and Easter egg both refer to playing cards with, or gambling with, emails.
  • Senorial Day — Senor Cardgage says, "Gamble around the campfire, children." (However, it's possible Senor Cardgage used the word "gambol", meaning "to skip about".)
  • Email pop-up (Easter egg) — The Cheat won a car after beating Bubs in dominos.

Sloshybowlsloshy's lead singer sings, "I've got no money riding on this one!"

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