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The Brothers Chaps have used many different fonts on the Homestar Runner website.

Note: Oftentimes, different font corporations, or foundries, will publish virtually identical fonts under different names. For instance, Linotype's Eurostile is Bitstream's Square 721. In cases where the actual font used cannot be distinguished between two identical variants, the name with the older lineage should be used.



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Font Used for Example
20th Century Ultra Bold Italic Used in CGNU for the Crazy Go Nuts University logo. CGNU! Me?


Aarco- Used in haircut in the subtitle "Jagged Metal". Also used in monster truck for the "SUNDAY SUNDAY SOMEDAY", "FOR A FREE", etc. text and in Awexome Cross 98. I DON'T WANNA EAT A GUITAR!
ActionIs Used in homestar hair and The Best Decemberween Ever. It's fifty-five days after Halloween...
AE Systematic Used in Thy Dungeonman 3. Behold thy new font!
Ahnberg Hand Strong Bad's handwriting as used for the Teen Girl Squad issues or the floppy disk labels. See also Lowercase i's. (Note: the Chaps have modified the font so a few European characters appear in American format. They have also added apostrophes, which are not in the font normally.) Sooo good!
Alba On the spine of a book in That a Ghost. Also found in the subtitle "Ready for Primetime" in haircut, KaraokeFun, best thing, PAY PLUS!, and in an Easter egg for downloading a tune from dangeresque 3. I buried myself alive on Tuesday.
Alba Super As seen on the brown sugar box in best thing as well as the Wagon Fulla Pancakes, on The Cheat's CD player, on the Rhino Feeder box in video games, on the "All Is On" CD case, for the majority of the SBLOUNSKCHED! logo, and in PAY PLUS!. Obviously from the same family as Alba, but a completely different font. As lost as four-armed Grimace.
Andy Bold Used for the text on the FAQ page. Andy Bold
Anzeigen Grotesk EF The font for the Happy Thanksgiving banner on Bubs' float in Fall Float Parade. Happy Thanksgiving!!
Arial The font used on the NavBar. Navigation, anyone?
Arial Black Used for the subtitles to A Jumping Jack Contest on the Lava Lamp Toons Menu. Their old no goodness.
Arial Narrow MT Used for the Games button on Main Page 22. Games


Bernard Condensed Used to write names on office doors: Dangeresque's in dangeresque 3 and Strong Bad's in The Interview. File:BernardCondensed.png
Bickley Script Appeared on the The Great Mound postcard in vacation. That mound is not all that great.
Blackadder ITC Used extensively in A Folky Tale and Halloween Potion-ma-jig. Also makes an appearance in flashback. Gonna have a good time tonight...
Blippo Various logos and Main Pages text, the Index Page, the Sega Tapes in anything, and the font on Homsar's shirt. Used on every DVD released thus far. Homsar's shirt
Bookman Old Style The font used as the title of the Battle Axe Lessons flyer in other days. Bad at battle axeing?
Broadway Used on The Cheat's Strong Bad Rewards Score Card in privileges. Ca-chunk-a
Brush Script MT Used throughout the site - for example, on Homestar's shirt in Main Page 4, in bottom 10, and in Senorial Day. Senorial!


Calisto MT Bold Used for the Superfied Credit Union logo on the credit card on the Downloads page. Bank of Free Country USA
Candice The font used for Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 9.2 and higher. Hi, this is Marzipan
Chicago The typical menu font for the Classic Mac OS (versions 7 and before), seen on The Cheat's old computer, Tangerine Dreams. Tangerine Dreams' task bar
Chick The font used on the cover of Scarfgirl magazine, seen in secret identity. Also used for the Sbemail Deodorant in disconnected. All the hot boys
Chiller The font used in Fan Costume Commentary and More Fan Costumes. Ooh, pretzels!
Comic Sans A font used by one of Strong Bad's fake hot girlfriends in sugarbob and for most of the text on Dolph Hauldhagen's flyer in other days. Some weird anime cat emoticon
ComixHeavy The font used on the Main Pages for the "Go on and see what's new!" message, as well as the "Last updated on" message. Also used in Marzipan's Answering Machine from versions 1 through 8, and for the Characters button on Main Page 22. What's new?
Commodore 64 The Compy 386 font. Also used for Peasant's Quest. A spectacle of graphics and sound.
Cooper Black The title font of the "Dreamaway Johnny" flyers in part-time job. Also used in First Time Here?, for the curved wording, and in the Index Page, for the links. When all my dreams come true...
Copperplate Gothic Bold The header font of the "Dreamaway Johnny" flyers in part-time job. Butt's 12 by pies?
Courier New The font in the email client on The Cheat's computer, used in weird dream. That was a weird dream!
Creepy The font used as the photo caption on the Battle Axe Lessons flyer in other days. Dolph Hauldhagen!!!


Diploma The font used on the card Strong Sad made for Anthony in depressio. Also used in rampage on the poetry slam sign and the Font used by Strong Sad in the autogragh section of the Yearbook Character Page. Strong Bad tricks out his fist in this font in car. Strong Sad font


Engravers Used on Strong Bad's tombstone in replacement. Please do not dig up grave.
Eras Demi The font used for the Podstar Runner menu text. An iPod's actual font is Podium Sans.
EraserDust The font in anything Homestar used to write "Homestar Runner" in chalk. Also used on the chalkboard in sibbie and technology. His name is "Homestar Runner."
Eurostile Used for the "Compy" text on the Compy 386, as well as for the opening titles on Bug In Mouth Disease. Bug In Mouth Disease


Flyer Black Condensed Used for the subtitles in the opening to Whaddaya Know, Haddi-Man? All 'cause we saaaaayyyyyyy...
Folk Art Stitch Used for the shirt stitching in other days. "Did you play online gaming last night?"
Forte Used extensively throughout the site, including in the First Time Here? welcome speech. "It's dot com!"
French Script MT From Everybody to the Limit. I asked my friend Joe
Freshbot As seen in Club Technochocolate. Also used in the game catalog for Hallrunner. All is on!
Futura Used on the art test in CGNU. Draw Me!


Gigi Used on the "barbzerdry" flyer in haircut. No cuts, butts, or coconuts.
Gill Sans Bold Used on the clapperboards in First Time Here? and Fluffy Puff Commercial. Direction
Glitch0 The Lappy 486 font. Doong diing!
Glitch1 An alternate version of Glitch0, used only in rock opera. Encore! Encore!


Harlow Solid Italic From best thing, used on the "Limozeen: 'but they're in space!'" logo. I'm afraid I've got some bad news, boys...
Harting Used for the papers in death metal, little questions, and english paper, as well as the title of "Strong Bad-Type Intervie Progrum" in pizzaz. Also makes a brief appearance in Everybody to the Limit. I asked my friend Jake
House Slant The Old-Timey, '30s font. Also used for Strong Bad's Bottom 10 and pizzaz easter egg. A "cartoon" for "kids."


Impact The font for the sign of Bubs' Concession Stand. We're always awesome.
ITC Bauhaus Medium The font for the subtitles in Pom Pom, Too, in homestar hair, and for the vast majority of navigation buttons on the Main Pages. Pom Pom is the best Pom


Jokerman Used to name a dangerous dessert in bottom 10. Also one of the fonts used in sugarbob. File:jokerman.PNG
JokeWood Used in the banner for the Strong Sad Lookalike Contest in impression. "The Strong Sad Lookalike Contest"
Joystix A Nintendo Entertainment System font used in various games on the website, along with the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu. Games, games, and more games


KidTypePaint Used in the opening credits in 3 Times Halloween Funjob, for the revengenceful font from 2 years, and for the writing on Main Page 23. MU-HA-HA-HA


LCDD Used often whenever a digital readout is needed, for example on Marzipan's answering machine, the clock radio, or Random Toon. Marzi's machine... Homestar's clock... get them today!
Linoscript Used for the slogan for The Cheatcakes in stupid stuff. Just ask The Cheat!
Logger Regular Used for the ranch sign in the e-mail pizzaz easter egg. Here comes the Stong Bad!
London Text Found on the postcard for historic Over There in vacation. Over There
Lucida Calligraphy Used for Strong Sad's Strong Libs. Each Day We Die A Little More.
Lucida Handwriting The font for the phrase "Wear a bikini" in Main Page 15. Bikinitime!


Maiandra Demi Bold Used on the end screen of Bug In Mouth Disease. of the world as we know it
Mekanik Used in the commercial for Senor Cardgage Mortgage for the phone number, phrase "Senor Mortgage", and the "Home Lawn", etc., pullouts. SENOR-MORT-GAGE-TODAY
Metal Lord The font for Bubs' flyers in part-time job, Dolph Hauldhagen's flyers in other days, and in the header text for Revenge of the King. Also used to title the Secret Collect box in video games and various parts of Limozeen Thanksgiving E-Cards. Sorry, Tragic Clown Dog.



OCR B Used for the account number and name on the credit card from the Downloads page. Pin:5675
Odessa The font for The Show and the current characters page. The Show!
Old English Text MT The font used on Strong Sad's box of memories in The Secrets That I Keep. Also in A Holiday Greeting. fond reminiscences
Old Towne No 536 EF Regular The font for the Strong Bad -show in the e-mail pizzaz easter egg. Here comes the Strong Bad!.


Papyrus Used in myths & legends for the "Walking with Trogdor" logo. Take the virtual tour.
Parade Script Found on the Pantsburg postcard in vacation. Pants!
Park Avenue BT Appears in storyboards on Sbemail 150?!? How does he type with boxing gloves on?
Peanuts A font made in the image of Charles Schulz's lettering, it was used in the drawing of Coach Zed in do over. The image seen here is taken from The House That Gave Sucky Treats. I heart Flint
Phyllis Used in an Easter egg in the facts. Homestar Runner will be right right back
Pixie The other Old-Timey, '30s font. Get kicking.
Playbill The other other old-timey font, used for old-timey things such as Uncle Strong Bad's Flavor Taste Style Chewing Powders from 2 emails. Flavor Taste Style
Poor Richard The cover font for Hundredaire Socialite. The brains behind Videlectrix
Porky's Used in the "technical difficulties" screen in Strong Bad's email pizzaz and Fall Float Parade. Hang in there!
Pornhut A font used in the Hip Hop Dance video at the end of the New Boots short. Also seen on an Easter egg in rampage. Coach Z, how come you don't dance no more?
Potrzebie The font used in the new stuff bubble on the Main Pages, though the version of the font that's available for download doesn't have many punctuation marks, like the apostrophe. Also used for the Store button on Main Page 22. Everyone's favorite sight!
PT Karolla Narrow Black The font for the sign on the door of Marshmallow's Last Stand. (image mirrored) Ohh.. I think I ate'a too many marshmallows...



Rage Italic LET The logo font of Stookley's, the makers of Hundredaire Socialite. Also used for take-a-break.exe and for the title "A Month" in other days. H.S. out on the scene.
Ravie Used to title A Jumping Jack Contest. A Jumping Jack Contest


Screwtop Light The font for the second counter on Strong Bad's float in Fall Float Parade, the subtitle of "Strong Bad-Type Interview Progrum" in pizzaz, and on various scoreboards. Nunchucking Snowmen
Script Bold MT The text on the leaf in the beginning of Fall Float Parade. The FTst annual Fall Float Parade.
Sevenet 7 The font on the Pom Pilot. internet, solitaire, and the ladies
Shelley Script Allegro Used for the body of Strong Sad's letter in Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon. Yeah he does.
Showcard Gothic The font used for The Cheat's "TITO" hat in part-time job. Also used on the "PAY PLUS!" text in PAY PLUS! An undersea epic?
SignPainter HouseSlant Font "Strong Bad's" in "Strong Bad's Message Bored" (Message and Bored are not fonts). Also seen on the back of the Homsar T-Shirt. Ugh, I'm So Bored!
Snap ITC The font used in the "How Come?" text in space program and on the Dry T-Shirt Contest flyer in bottom 10. Also used on Marzipan's invitation in the beginning of The Luau. How Come?
Space Toaster The font used on the "Cat Mess" bag in the email, lady fan. Also used on the subtitle "A Dog and Also a Cat Shaped Eyebrows" in haircut. Arts 'n' crafts with Marzipan
Stencil BT The font used on the Heavy Lourde. Also used on various crates, boxes, Cardboard Marzipan, and Jail. Heavy falling weight type thing, yo.
Sydnie Used for Thy Dungeonman and Thy Dungeonman II. Also makes a brief appearance in Halloween Potion-ma-jig. You can't get ye flask!


Team MT The font used for the motto "Buy all our playsets and toys!!" in Cheat Commandos. Weekdays at 4:30
ThereSignHead3 The font used for the buttons on Mrs. Bennedetto in part-time job. Also used for the subtitles in Homsar's television show, Whaddaya Know, Haddi-Man?, that appears during the Strong Bad Email for kids. Yeah, buddy. I have muscles.
Tiranti Solid Used for introductory and ancillary text in Mr. Shmallow. Look lively!
Times New Roman Used for the text of the "Dreamaway Johnny" flyers in part-time job and as one of the fonts used by Strong Bad's "girlfriends" in sugarbob. Act Three
Traffic Type Sweden D Used for the small header tabs at the top of the TV Time Toons Menu. Big toons.
Trebuchet MS Used for the text throughout The King of Town DVD Old Version and as the day-of-the-week titles in Strong Bad's calendar in other days. Doo-hoo-hoo!



VOY DOT LCD The font used on The Paper and in Everybody to the Limit. Also used in pizzaz and Dancin' Bubs. Preeeeow!


Webdings The font in Marzipan's instant message in marzipan. I hope you didn't decode this.
Westminster Used extensively throughout the site, but best known for being the Tandy 400 font, Marzipan's Answering Machine version numbers, caffeine, and in technology. Ah, the old Tandy.




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