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The Brothers Chaps have used many different fonts on the Homestar Runner website.

  • AhnberghandStrong Bad's handwriting (Note: the Chaps have modified the font to make a few characters in European format be in American format).
  • Bauhaus 93 — Various logos and Main Page text.
  • Commodore 64 — The Compy 386 font.
  • Glitch0 — The Lappy 486 font.
  • Joystix — The font of various games on the website, along with the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu.
  • LCDD — The font used on Marzipan's answering machine, both old and new, and on Homestar's Bedroom Clock.
  • VOY DOT LCD — The font used on The Paper.
  • Westminster — The Tandy 400 font.
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