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Will she ever show up again?

Folly, as labeled in her debut, is one of many characters developed by The Brothers Chaps in order to relieve Marzipan of her status as the only girl in the cast of main characters. Like the rest, however, she was ultimately rejected. She is an oddly drawn little girl, with black outlines, a blue face, yellow dress, and red hair in pigtails. Her orange circular "feet" are actually wheels, and they spin to provide her with locomotion. She flails her arms when she speaks, and has a very high-pitched, child-like voice most likely provided by one of the Chaps' children.

Her first appearance was a non-speaking role in Why Come Only One Girl?. A Sketchbook depiction of her appeared on the screen, which served as a basis for her character model later on in the feature. She was one of many females to slap Strong Bad for talking to them.

Folly reappeared in The Next April Fools Thing, where she suggested's next prank. Her ideas consisted of Bubs trying to sell a picnic, the rest of the main characters saying "blah", and a loading screen that lasted 100 seconds preceding Stinkoman punching Bubs in the face.


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