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Flashfight: is he the leader, or isn't he?

Flashfight is a member of the Cheat Commandos, and may be the leader judging by his three medals, five buttons and his being "In Charge of Stuff!!", although Gunhaver is a likely candidate. It is worth considering, though, that at the end of Cheat Commandos he doesn't salute Gunhaver like the rest of the commandos do. His name sounds similar to the word "flashlight," which doesn't make the fact he owns a flashlight surprising. Save one appearance in the original commercial, he has yet to play a role in Cheat Commandos cartoons.

He seems to be a parody of GI Joe's General Hawk.

Defining Traits

  • In Charge of Stuff!!
  • Three Medals!
  • Almost Sounds Like "Flashlight"
  • Five Buttons!

Complete Filmography

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