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watch Crystal Fortress The Cheat Theme Song
"Things are about to get bulbous!"

Strong Bad and Coach Z give the pyorple what they want!

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Coach Z, Homestar Runner, The Barbershop Trio (Easter egg), Old-Timey Strong Bad (Easter egg), The Cheat (Easter egg)

Date: Friday, October 3, 2014

Running Time: 3:20

Page Title: Things are about to get...



{The basement is dark. Strong Bad is asleep, half on the couch. Coach Z pops up from behind the couch.}

COACH Z: {whispering loudly} Strong Bad! Strong Bad, wake up!

STRONG BAD: {mumbling} Blackthorne. {more mumbling}

COACH Z: The people need your help!

STRONG BAD: {suddenly awake and upright} Wait, the who?

COACH Z: I mean the pyorple!

STRONG BAD: There you go!

COACH Z: They need your help! It's been too long since they had a number one jam. They been scrapin' dope rhymes up off the kitchen floor, just to survive!

{Music starts playing.}

STRONG BAD: {increasingly complaining tone of voice} Another number one jam? All right, I'll do it. For the pyorple. {jumps off the couch onto the floor}

{transition into Powered by The Cheat}

STRONG BAD: Woke up this mornin' in a rap song video
COACH Z: Can ya help me with my hip hop video?
STRONG BAD: Well, Coach Z, that all depends
Can ya get ya green mittens on a fish eye lens?

COACH Z: I'm sorry, did you just say, "Waughmp waughmp"?
STRONG BAD: That right! And you know what that means
COACH Z: I don't!
STRONG BAD: Things are about to get bulbous

TOGETHER: Waughmp waughmp!
I want a fish eye lens
And make a rap video
With a couple of friends
It goes, waughmp waughmp!
All the ladies and mens
They know everything is better
With a fish eye lens

COACH Z: Hey, that chorus wasn't kidding
Check out how cool my rap points look!
STRONG BAD: With a fish eye lens
You don't need to know how to rap or skateboard or do anything well

Just put the camera on the ground
And aim it up
COACH Z: My kicks look huge
And my crew looks tough
STRONG BAD: We got bulbous hands
COACH Z: And bulbous feet
STRONG BAD: Turn your back to the camera
TOGETHER: Shake those bulbous cheeks!

COACH Z: Aw, look at that!
I've got a considerable rear shelf!
STRONG BAD: That makes me uncomfortable!


COACH Z: And once you use the fish eye
Well, you just can't stop
It used to be kind of expensive
But then the price draeerrrrrrped

STRONG BAD: I jumped in slow motion
Off the curb
Without a skateboard
That should look absurd
But with my fish eye lens
Hey, haven't ya heard?
I got the moves so smooth
Make ya mom say:
YOUR MOM: Those are some exceptionally smooth moves

STRONG BAD: What's ya got for me?
COACH Z: I got the
COACH Z: Let's pretends I got ten girlfriends
And make amends in my Benz
With a fish eye lens
It goes—


STRONG BAD: Man, fish eye lens
I bet you could make even lame stuff look cool
COACH Z: Yeah, yeah!
What about tax papers?
COACH Z: Oh, look at how cool those papes look!
How about a pair of tan pants!
STRONG BAD: Ooooh! Somebody say country dish towels
EVERYONE: Country dish towels!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ahem! I have an idea
Of what we could try
What happens if you point it
At a real fish eye?

{Homestar points the lens at a real fish. Using software menus, the animator applies a twirl effect. The scene spins as if down the drain. Back in normal styles, Strong Bad, Coach Z, and Homestar appear in the basement dressed in old-timey Dixieland jazz band outfits. Strong Bad has a trumpet with plunger mute. Coach Z has a banjo. Homestar is holding a fishbowl with a dead fish floating in it. An SLR camera with a fish eye lens is submerged in the bowl. The music finishes in an old-timey flourish.}

STRONG BAD: Aw, man!

COACH Z: Aw, dag! What happened to the honeys?

STRONG BAD: Bring back the fish eye! Homestar, you broke our rap song video!

COACH Z: You turned us into a Dixieland jazz band!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Why y'all gotta be dissin' on Dixieland? I think it's great! It's got several syncopations. {singing, brandishing his hat, and kicking his legs} Several syncopations—

STRONG BAD: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! COACH Z: {simultaneously} Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeehhorrrrrp!

{Strong Bad and Coach Z throw their arms up and exit.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {continued} —Several syncopations! Several syncopations tonight!

{Closeup on the fish bowl with a "waughmp waughmp" sound effect. The word "eND" appears over the fish eye lens.}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on the "D" in "eND":

ONE OF THE BARBERSHOP TRIO: Several syncopations tonight!

{The rest of the trio appears behind him.}

THE OTHER TWO IN THE TRIO: Several syncopations tonight!

{Whip-pan to Old-Timey Strong Bad. He has an old-timey movie camera with a fish roped to it.}

OLD-TIMEY STRONG BAD: Waughmp waughmp, I say! Waughmp waughmp! Everything is better with this pescatary occulation!

  • Click on the dead fish:

{Strong Bad and The Cheat are sitting at Monosodium Dreams. The twirl effect is still visible on the screen.}

STRONG BAD: The Cheat! That was incredible!

{He begins babbling as if at a loss for words. He keeps babbling in rhythm. The Cheat pulls out his keyboard and drops a beat in time with the babbling. The rave lights come on.}

STRONG BAD: I'm buying you a pizzzzzza!

{A pizza falls from the ceiling and covers their heads. The Cheat makes a "da-ta-da!" noise.}

STRONG BAD: Whoa! Guess I can conjure ceiling pizzas now.

Fun Facts


  • A Benz is a Mercedes-Benz automobile.
  • Syncopation is a musical term that means accenting beats which are normally not accented.


  • This toon has no "back" button.
  • This is the first non-holiday themed cartoon released since videography, released October 5, 2009-- just two days shy of five years apart.


  • The sound of record pops and hiss from the Old-Timey Easter egg can still be heard at the beginning of the Easter egg in front of Monosodium Dreams.

Inside References

Everything is better with a fish eye lens!
  • The profile picture of the @StrongBadActual Twitter account was taken with a fish eye lens.
  • This is an instance of Couch Mumbling.
  • Coach Z sometimes pronounces "video" as "videro".
  • When the fisheye lens is pointed at the real fish eye and the twirl effect is applied, one of the items in the software menu is "paint daubz".
  • The Easter egg with Strong Bad and The Cheat at the latter's computer is a callback to the ending of Everybody to the Limit.

Real-World References

  • Blackthorne is a video game for the Super Nintendo, making its reference here an example of Couch Mumbling.
  • This cartoon is heavily influenced by the Beastie Boys. Many of their music videos and publicity photos were shot using fish-eye lenses. The music video for their song Hold It Now, Hit It was the first to be shot entirely using a fish-eye lens.

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