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Fightgar: needs to shave, desperately.

Fightgar is one of the Cheat Commandos. His appearance is modeled partially on that of John Rambo, wearing a red bandana and a chain of bullets on his body and nothing else.

As far as rank goes, he appears to be a grunt fighter. He has a badly imitated rough Cockney accent, and enjoys making fun of Reynold. In Shopping for Danger, Fightgar assumes the role as spy, disguising himself as an old lady to report on Blue Laser inside the Price Style. Based on his tendency to change hands while firing a laser gun, as seen in Cheat Commandos, it is possible Fightgar is ambidextrous. Fightgar supports Manchester United, and enjoys saying "Right right right right."

Fightgar appears to be the most action-oriented of the Cheat Commandos, perhaps only second to Gunhaver himself. He always carries several rounds of ammo with him, as well as his "bullet-shooting gun". When Admiral Flashfight took over for Gunhaver in the 2 Part Episode, Fightgar became aggravated, claiming that Flashfight's pre-planning method and less-than-dangerous mission choice was "no fun". Additionally, Pony Fights is one of Fightgar's favorite movie franchises.

He has also made cameos in Easter eggs. In Teen Girl Squad Issue 7, he saluted Mrs. Commanderson. In virus, he fought the evil forces of Blue Laser with Homestar's leg.

Fightgar is one of the Cheat Commandos featured in the first Cheat Commandos figurine set.

[edit] Defining Traits

  • Not the Most Popular!!
  • Red Cloth!
  • Probably Has A Raspy Voice!!
  • Needs To Shave!!

[edit] Filmography

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