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*[[Shopping for Danger]]
*[[Shopping for Danger]]
*[[Teen Girl Squad Issue 7]](Easter Egg)
*[[Teen Girl Squad Issue 7]](Easter Egg)
*Strong Bad E-Mail:[[Virus]](Easter Egg)
*Strong Bad E-Mail:[[virus]](Easter Egg)
*[[Commandos in the Classroom]]
*[[Commandos in the Classroom]]
*[[:Category:Fightgar Filmography|Complete Filmography]]
*[[:Category:Fightgar Filmography|Complete Filmography]]

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Fightgar: needs to shave, desperately.

Fightgar is one of the Cheat Commandos with a speaking part in Cheat Commandos...O's. He's the one whining about the heat, despite the fact he's more naked than the rest of them. He has the appearance of John Rambo.

As far as rank goes, he appears to be a grunt fighter. He has a badly imitated rough London accent. It may also be a bad Australian accent (which is sometimes confused with the Cockney accent), in the fashion of the popular G.I. Joe villains the Dreadnoks. This may be a spoof of Wreck-Gar, a Transformers character who also had a British accent (having been originally voiced by Eric Idle). In Shopping for Danger, Fightgar assumes the role as spy, disguising himself as an old lady to report on Blue Laser inside the Price Style. He enjoys making fun of Reynold.

He also made cameos in Easter Eggs in Teen Girl Squad Issue 7 and virus where he fought the evil forces of Blue Laser with Homestar's leg.

Defining Traits

  • Not the Most Popular!!
  • Red Cloth!
  • Probably Has A Raspy Voice!!
  • Needs To Shave!!
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