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Redesigned sbemails — all for under fifty bucks!

The sum of fifty bucks is mentioned quite a few times in the Homestar Runner toons.


  • Email 50 emailsStrong Bad seems to be offering to sell Strong Sad's feet for $50.
  • Email part-time job — Photos with the Tragic Clown Dog (Strong Bad) cost $50 (and $60 for the privilege).
  • Email space programSpace Captainface (Strong Bad) calculates that his "precious cargo" of 15 Earth dollars must have multiplied to $50 from the distance they had travelled.
  • Email redesign — All the "sbemail redesigns" cost less than fifty bucks.
  • Email what I want — Strong Bad claims he returned an omelette to a hardware store for "nigh on fifty bucks".
  • Ever and More!Bubs' rubbing ointment for his broken shin costs fifty bucks a tube.
  • Email mini-golf — Strong Bad usually gets paid fifty bucks every time he mentions some kind of fun-time emporium during an email.
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