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This article is about the character and running gag. For the song, see Everybody to the Limit. For the Strong Bad Email, see i love you.
Love from Fhqwhgads
"Say it with a flourish. Fuh-HOO-qwah-gahds."
"I see you jockin' me."

Fhqwhgads is the shortened version of "fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf", the signature of the sender of the Strong Bad Email "i love you". This was probably just random typing; many letters in this name are next to each other on a typical English-language QWERTY keyboard. In attempting to reply, Strong Bad shortened the unwieldy name to "fhqwhgads". The full-length version of the name takes such a long time to say that Strong Bad can paint a picture of a Guy with a Big Knife in the same amount of time, so it is easy to see how the nickname arose. "fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf" has 36 letters.

Later, Strong Bad wrote a song about Fhqwhgads which The Cheat converted into a music video, entitled "Everybody to the Limit". It has apparently sold over 500,000 copies, as evidenced by the gold record seen in your friends. The song is later featured in the game Dancin' Bubs. Strong Bad tries to make a sequel to the song in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2 called "Let's Fhqwhgads Again", although he says that everybody is against the idea.

In "Everybody to the Limit", Fhqwhgads is characterized as the Atari Dragon. Strong Bad gets annoyed at it for "jocking" him, that is, following him and trying to be like him. In the video, Fhqwhgads is represented as an unpopular, lowlife creature that looks up to Strong Bad as a role model, while Strong Bad looks down on Fhqwhgads. However, Strong Bad mentions at the end that he actually feels sorry for Fhqwhgads.

In an Easter egg at the end of the Strong Bad Email sibbie, Strong Bad gives Homestar Runner, Coach Z and Strong Mad a lesson in pronouncing "fhqwhgads". The correct pronunciation is "fuh-HOO-qwah-gahds" (/fə·'hʊ·kwə·gɑdz/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet).

In Main Page 22, the Biscuitdoughhandsman pop-ups play samples of the Visor Robot saying "fhqwhgads" from "Everybody to the Limit".

In fan club, a Strong Bad Email convention called FHQWHfest is mentioned. The event features Abdi LaRue, Lem Sportsinterviews, A. Chimendez, and six of the ten Dans. The poster for the event includes a picture of the Atari Dragon, further characterizing Fhqwhgads as said dragon.


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