Female Lappy 486

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Strong Bad's looking prooty hot.

The Female Lappy 486 appears in Strong Bad's fantasy in dreamail. She's basically the Lappy 486 logo with blonde hair and makeup. She appears when Strong Bad starts up the Lappy, telling him that he's "looking prooty hot". Female Lappy 486 fawns over Strong Bad for his reply to an e-mail ("Well played, Strong Bad. Those ladies are sure to be all up ons"). After Strong Bad flies away at the end of the e-mail, she appears in an Easter egg, telling Strong Bad not to fly, that's she's worried about him, and that she can see the strings which are holding him above ground.

The monitor of Female Lappy 486 is bordered with a gold chain bearing the phrase, "MY LAPPY ATE YOUR DOG" inscribed on top.


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