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This article is about the museum feature. For the feature updated weekly from 2004–2009, see Weekly Fanstuff.

Fan Stuff is a an image gallery collecting fan-submitted Homestar Runner creations, presented alongside commentary from The Brothers Chaps. Many of the creations are MS Paint illustrations, with tattoos, jack-o-lanterns, and cakes as other recurring works. Fan Stuff was collected in the Museum until an update on on February 14, 2006 removed it from the Museum menu. The gallery is still hosted on, accessible through direct links.

New entries stopped being posted to Fan Stuff by the end of 2002. From 2004 through 2009, fan works were featured through the more selective Weekly Fanstuff; fan's Halloween costumes have been featured in a mostly-annual showcase. Current fan works are occasionally featured through the @StrongBadActual social media page.

Date: February 8, 2002 or earlier

Page Title: Some Stuff That Some People Made


List of Fan Stuff

Description Caption Link
A Strong Bad jack-o-lantern. The eyes and mouth are carved out, while the rest of the face is painted on. It uses the dramatic shading and chin spiral seen in the Strong Bad 404 Error Page. Bailey Hobbes totally made this Strong Bad pumpkin, I swear. Page 1
Another Strong Bad jack-o-lantern, with a ruler placed in front of it to demonstrate the pumpkin is well over a foot wide. Again, only the eyes and mouth are carved out and the mask details are painted on. Jebus made this one. Lookit the size of that ruler! Page 2
A Strong Bad jack-o-lantern, illuminated and glowing in a dark room. Parts of the design are only partially carved through the pumpkin, giving the mask levels of depth. Strong Bad only wishes he looked this cool. courtesy Skip Evans. Page 3
A rough, potentially homemade, tattoo of Coach Z's head with "GREAT" and "JORB" arcing above and below his head. Check this out! Neil cut up his flesh in the name of Coach Z. Page 4
A sheet cake featuring a portrait of Strong Bad drawn in frosting. Jay Gordon had a very Strong Bad birthday thanks to his pal Erika. Page 5
An MS Paint illustration of Strong Bad standing in a field, saying "Hello, Crap For Brains, I am Strong Bad!! You are so freakin' stupid. You are the creepiest thing I have ever seen!". A handwritten label "Strong Stupid" points at him. Laura and Caroline are proficient in Microsoft Paint. Page 6
A man rolls up his sleeve to reveal a Homestar Runner tattoo on his upper arm. A blue wavey band encircles his bicep, starting on either end of Homestar. This fellow got a for-real Homestar tat. Page 7
An illustration of a cat-like cartoon character with large eyes, big ears, and spotted fur. Stephie made us a new character! Is he your flavourite? Page 8
A leg tattoo of a scene from A Jorb Well Done: dejected Coach Z sitting on a bench with Strong Bad, Homestar (in his "fat body" design), and Marzipan standing by. The tattoo only uses black outlines without color or fills. Rich Gaccione's shin isn't cut out to say the word job. Page 9
A child's drawing of Homestar Runner, done on lined paper. Homestar's hat is red with a blue star, the star on his shirt is blue, and his legs are orange with yellow soles. Dean Webb's son drew this. Homestar should definitely have orange legs. Page 10
Three fans dressed as Marzipan, Homestar, and Strong Bad. The Strong Bad Screensaver can be seen on a computer in the background. Dani, Nick, and Steve even dressed up as our characters!
What have YOU done for us lately?
Page 11
A small statue of Homestar built from Lego bricks. Images show a front and side view of the figure. Our friend B.A. keeps his legos in ziplock bags. It's awesome. Page 12
A jack-o-lantern carved to resemble Homestar Runner's head in profile making an "ooh" expression. "Happy Homestarloween!" is printed on the photo. "Seriously, Pom-Pom, I'm a total pumpkin." courtesy Stacey Jordan Page 13
A screenshot of Egg Throwing Game with a score of 203850. Chris Kantus played Strong Bad's egg game for 2 whole days and got booted out of school! Strong Bad's plan is working. Page 14
Two people — a young boy and a man — winking their left eyes and raising their right eyebrow. It looks like these guys (Cory and Eric) can't do the raise one eyebrow thing so they have to shut one eye instead. That's okay. E for Effort. Page 15
Three images of Homestar Runner edited to resemble pop-culture figures:
  • Hometony Hawk Pro Skater: wearing a t-shirt, shorts, kneepads, skate shoes, and holding a skateboard
  • madman homestar: wearing a skintight suit with a red lighting-bolt-shaped exclamation mark and black boots, with a zigzag mark on his forehead
  • big guy homestar: glowing red eyes and dark blue circuit lines across his body
Chris Paluszek dressed up these Homestars. Page 16
Homestar as Neo from The Matrix, captioned "WHAT IS THE HOMESTAR?" (a parody of the "WHAT IS THE MATRIX?" marketing campaign for the movie). Warren drew Homestar dressed up as Michael Jackson from the 'Bad' video, probably. Page 17
A partially-demolished wall reveals the reverse of the drywall on the opposite wall. A doodle of Homestar Runner can be seen on the drywall, with "This is Andrew's room, DO NOT PUNCH!!!" written above the drawing. A cleaver is stuck into the carved-out wall. The Big Dabrowski and his roommates totally tore up the walls of their college townhouse in the name of Homestar. Nice cleaver. Page 18
An illustration of a wedding between Strong Bad and a blue-skinned cartoon woman ("Freakajo"), labeled "Joined in the bonds of Holy CRAPimony...", drawn by animator Joanna Davidovich. Silhouettes of additional cartoon characters can be seen in the pews: Homestar, Coach Z, Pom Pom, and Marzipan on Strong Bad's side; Yakko, Wakko, Dot, and Freakazoid on the bride's side. Strong Bad's speech bubble is transcribed in the caption. "Oh man, this is getting pretty freakin' weird. As soon as this blue chick pays me my 5 bucks, I am outta here, man." Page 19
Three images of edited warning signs featuring Homestar Runner characters:
  • Three signs indicating camels, Homestar Runner, and kangaroos crossing over the next 96 km of road
  • A triangular warning sign on a fence with a silhouette of Coach Z
  • A warning sign with the "SB" icon from the Strong Bad Desktop Theme. Labeled "Warning: Strong Bad", the sign reads "You run the risk of having your crappy face punched in".
Brandon saw these signs and they opened up his mind. Page 20
"Apolo Homestar Ohno", Homestar in a red speed-skating suit (similar to Theme Song Video) wearing goggles and with "USA" emblazoned on his thigh. The caption refers to the 2002 Winter Olympics. I didn't watch much winter olympics but Stephanie sure did! Page 21
A collage of two drawings:
  • Homestar as Super Saiyan Goku
  • Strong Sad in a spoof of the "Intel Inside" logo, labeled "strong sad inside: depreseron™ processor"
Phil drew Homestar as Ken from Street Fighter but with Guile's hair and made Strong Sad a corporate logo! Page 22
The Cheat in a pimp costume, holding a skateboard with a dollar sign on it. The Cheat is a skate board freek. He just got his license. Page 23
An MS Paint illustration of a wintertime scene: naked Homestar (censored with a black bar) standing in front of "Homestar ♥ Marzipan" written in yellow in the snow, next to a bewildered Marzipan. Alex made Homestar look really mad and naked. Page 24
A sheet cake with a drawing of Homestar Runner and "Happy 4/20 THE DAN" written on it. The Big Dabrowski got this for hims birfday.. Page 25
A digital illustration of a dimly-lit Homestar against the night sky. Matt Mattice has a great name and drew this awesome picture of Homestar finding out what comets stars and moons are all about Page 26
A black-and-white photo of a cardboard sign reading "HUGE CRAP SALE". Saturday morning. 9am. A telephone pole down the street from the Strong home. Page 27
Pom Pom wearing Homestar's clothes, labeled "HomePom Runner!". A nude Homestar peeks in, saying "Um... Pom Pom?"Everybody seems to like getting Homestar naked. Page 28
An MS Paint drawing of "Hollywood" Homestar (a spoof of "Hollywood" Hogan), wearing an NHO shirt and "Hollywood" bandana. The image is captioned "Fluffy puffs 4 life". Remember when Hulk Hogan didn't have a five o'clock shadow painted on his face? Page 29
Three illustrations of Homestar, signed by "":
  • Homestar Runner drawn in the standard style
  • A close-up of Homestar's face, with anime-inspired eyes, saying "I hate that fweakin marshmallow" (in reference to Meet Marshie).
  • Homestar reimagined as a chibi human character, labeled "Homestar JapAnime style"
Marica made Homestar Anime style. Or as I call it, "sleepy eyes". Page 30
A painting of Homestar, depicting him with more squat proportions than usual. Homestar in his awkward, pudgy pre-teen days. He was not a very terrific athlete at this point. Page 31
An MS Paint drawing of Homestar wearing blue pants. Pants time! Doot-doot doo doo doot doo! Page 32
An image of Homestar Runner with a mullet and horseshoe mustache added with Hairstyle Runner; above is the h*r logo edited to be h*m (presumably short for "Homestar Mullet"). Hey Peter man check out channel 9, check out this chick! Page 33
Homestar's face painted into Vincent Van Gogh's Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin. Taffy McG. I fancy it looks like a Van Goff! Page 34
A preview image of an iPod with "You are an ugly butt and your butt is stupid." engraved on the back side. Nic Forty Two has a backsassin' mp3 player. Page 35
An MS Paint drawing of an angry face labeled "Lumpy!". This is so awesome none of you can believe it. Page 36
Construction paper cutouts of several Homestar Runner characters forming a scene from Macbeth Act 3: "Which of you have done this?" "What my good lord?". Five characters are gathered around a table with a bowl of fruit placed on it: Strong Bad (Lennox), Strong Sad (Banquo's ghost), Homestar (no label visible), Marzipan (Lady Macbeth), and Pom Pom (Ross). Homestar and company perform Macbeth. Um, and some fruit on a table I guess. Page 37
An MS Paint drawing of Strong Bad's face, saying "I'm gonna kick your freaking crap for crap drawings to the curb man!" Matt drew Strong Bad. Man, we gotta get these people photoshop. Page 38
A detailed, stylized tattoo of the Strong Badia emblem, including a banner with the phrase "For good or for awesome". Strong Badia emblem v2.0. Rich Gaccione has 2 Homestar related tattoos now. That means you're 2 behind. Page 39
An MS Paint drawing of Strong Bad and The Cheat standing in the field. Strong Bad is drawn with a wide, rectangular torso. "The Cheat just kept bringing over these boxes of Star Crunches and I just kept eating them" Page 40
A portrait of Strong Bad made using Hairstyle Runner. Hey wait! That's breaking the rules! Page 41
A photograph of a keyboard with the keycaps rearranged to spell "STRONG" in the top row and "BAD" in the home row. The reign of Qwertyuiop has ended!! Page 42
Photographs of a young woman showing a handmade Strong Bad plush doll. Ruca made this Strong Bad doll for her boyfriend. I bet he wants to beat up that big eyed thing on her wall. Page 43
A digital illustration of Strong Bad's face in the style of the Homestar "Seriously" wallpaper (itself a parody of Apple), labeled "CRAP!" Looks like candy. I wanna eat it. Page 44
"Australopithecus strongbadicus", the "Lucy" fossil with Strong Bad's face, gloves, and boots overlaid onto the skeleton. Skip Evans dug this up in the Dortugal Congo. One time my friend Adam didn't do his dishes for a long time and started calling it "his kitchen stink." Ha! Page 45
An MS Paint drawing of Strong Bad declaring "you are totally CRAPPY!" I'm gonna start a "Photoshop For the Masses" campaign. End the tyranny of MS Paint! Page 46
An illustration of a balding, bespectacled man labeled "Strong Dad". An artist's conception of Strong Dad, as portrayed by Kevin Spacey. Page 47
A logo-style illustration of Strong Bad's head and hands, labeled with his name and The image is signed by Bulldog Milenko and dated 1/11/2001. Rev. Bulldog Milenko. Straight up representin Vegas ya'll. Page 48
A fan-made Flash animation featuring Homestar and Strong Bad:

HOMESTAR: Allow me to introduse myself. I am Homestarrunner.
STRONG BAD: {offscreen} No, you are a big moron.
HOMESTAR: No i'm not.
{Strong Bad headbutts Homestar, and Homestar falls over}
STRONG BAD: He really is, man.

Allow me to introduse George. He is 10 years old. And he is awesome. Page 49

Fun Facts


  • The Email FAQ clarifies that the comments on the 17th ("Michael Jackson from the 'Bad' video") and 22nd ("Ken from Street Fighter but with Guile's hair") images are intentionally incorrect: "We know. We've seen the movie and the cartoon. It's a joke. Now leave us alone."


  • Many illustrations are created with MS Paint, a crude image editing software included with Microsoft Windows. Later captions express a wish for more people to use Photoshop, a far more advanced program.
  • Rich Gaccione (9, 39) and The Big Dabrowski (18, 25) have multiple Fan Stuffs featured.
  • In the 11th photo, Steve is wearing oven mitts as part of his Strong Bad costume. In halloweener, Strong Bad suggested that "oven mitts will do" for a Strong Bad costume if one does not have boxing gloves.
  • The caption on the 13th photo prints Pom-Pom's name with a hyphen.

Inside References

Default Homestar

Real-World References

  • The caption on the 20th entry refers to "The Sign" by Ace of Base.
  • "Finding out what comets stars and moons are all about" in the caption of the 26th entry is a reference to the song "Car" by Built to Spill.
  • "Hey Peter, man, check out channel 9, check out this chick!" is a quote from Office Space.
  • Star Crunches are a type of cookie from the Little Debbie brand.
  • The "big eyed thing" seen in the 43rd image is the ninja Garu of Pucca.

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