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In Free Country, U.S.A there are several famlies. There are some obviouse relations, adopted, and hard to find relations.

The King of Town is Marzipan's father. The Blacksmith, the Poopsmith, the Cook, the Knight, and the Trumpet player are considered in their family too because they work for the K.O.T. In the Runner family there's Home Star, Homsar, and Homeschool. In the Brothers Strong family there's Strong Mad, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, and The Cheat. The Cheats Family also has Gun Haver, Rip Burger, Silent Rip, Renald, Renforcement, Renalds Brother, Oliver, Blue Laser, Blue Laser Henchman (x2), twins, and the Video Game- Programers. For Bus's family there's Bubs, Thnikaman, and partialy Coach Z. For the Cardgage family there's Senor Cardgage. In the Pom family there's Pom Pom, Trivia Time, and the other Poms (unnamed). The So And So(erson) family has So and So ,and Mrs. So And So(erson). The rest of the Teen Girl Squad (Cheerleader, What's Her Face and The Ugly One) don't have families so the squad catagorized as the Teen Girl Squad Family.

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