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===Inside References===
===Inside References===
[[Image:everybodytothelemke.png|200px|thumb|Lemke strikes again!]]
*For a split second, as the Visor Robot's head opens to reveal Strong Bad, the words "come on" are replaced on screen by the word "[[lemke]]."   
*For a split second, as the Visor Robot's head opens to reveal Strong Bad, the words "come on" are replaced on screen by the word "[[lemke]]."   
*When Strong Bad comes out of the Visor Robot, he is holding a [[Big Knives|Big Knife]].
*When Strong Bad comes out of the Visor Robot, he is holding a [[Big Knives|Big Knife]].

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This article is about the toon. For the song, see Everybody to the Limit (Live). For the karaoke video, see Fhqwhgads (karaoke).
"Everybody come on fhqwhgads!"

The Cheat's Powered by The Cheat music video for Strong Bad's song about Fhqwhgads.

Cast (in order of appearance): Visor Robot, Atari Dragon, Strong Bad, The Cheat

Places: The Cheat's Computer Room

Date: Monday, July 1, 2002

Running Time: 1:54

Page Title: Everybody to the Limit

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 1



VISOR ROBOT: Come on, Fhqwhgads.

STRONG BAD: I said come on Fhqwhgads
I said come on Fhqwhgads
Everybody to the limit
Everybody to the limit
Everybody come on Fhqwhgads

I said come on Fhqwhgads
I said come on Fhqwhgads
Everybody to the limit
Who's that? It's to the limit
Everybody come on Fhqwhgads

Come on Fhqwhgads
I see you jockin' me
Tryin' to play like
You know me

I'm like come on Fhqwhgads
I said come on Fhqwhgads
Everybody to the limit
The Cheat is to the limit
Everybody come on Fhqwhgads

I said ooh ah Fhqwhgads
I said ooh ah Fhqwhgads
Who's that fh-huh-hoo-huga-wha
I said who is that Fhqwhgads

I don't know who it is
But it probably is Fhqwhgads
I asked my friend Joe
I asked my friend Jake
They said it was Fhqwhgads

I said come on Fhqwhgads
I said come on Fhqwhgads
Who's-a to the limit?
Say me! I'm to the limit
Everybody come on Fhqwhgads

Man, Fhqwhgads
You're just making yourself look worse, y'know
I mean, everybody's just gonna feel sorry for ya
I mean, I do.

{Zooms out to reveal Strong Bad and The Cheat watching the video on Tangerine Dreams.}

STRONG BAD: {talking to The Cheat} Now that's what I'm talkin' about! That was amazing! I mean you—... I—... I can't b—... Chi-g-d-b ... He—g ... I'm buyin' you a pizza!

Fun Facts


  • Fhqwhgads originated in the Strong Bad Email i love you.



  • This is the only time so far that Strong Bad has left outright positive feedback for a Powered by The Cheat cartoon.
  • On the MP3 version, the Visor Robot's laser doesn't play.
  • The word "on" appears as two stars when Strong Bad raps "I said come on, Fhqwhgads!" for the fourth time. This is most likely because The Brothers Chaps used a font of symbols. Symbol fonts are quite popular on the Internet, using stars, flames and even characters from animated shows or video games as opposed to text.
  • The chorus is very similar in rhythm to The Gap Band's 1979 hit song "I Don't Believe You Wanna Get Up and Dance (Oops Upside Your Head)", the chorus of which features the lyrics "I said oops upside your head, I said oops upside your head."


  • When the toon is loading, the Visor Robot's shoulder is missing, but after the loading is completed, it suddenly appears.
  • Even after the Visor Robot's lasers stop, the laser sound is still made.

Inside References

Lemke strikes again!
  • For a split second, as the Visor Robot's head opens to reveal Strong Bad, the words "come on" are replaced on screen by the word "lemke."
  • When Strong Bad comes out of the Visor Robot, he is holding a Big Knife.
  • When the multiple CDs fly across the screen, a roll of Duct Tape is also visible.
  • This is another mention of Pizza.
  • The Abraham Lincoln heads are from an Easter egg in Fluffy Puff Commercial.

Real-World References

  • The beat and bassline to the song itself bears a strong resemblance to The Meat Beat Manifesto's "God O.D." from their album, "Storm the Studio" (which also has the voice of William S. Burroughs repeating the same phrase on a sample)
  • The red and white "enjoy fhqwhgads" ad on the billboard is based on Coca-Cola, who used the slogan "Enjoy Coke."
  • The lyric "I asked my friend Joe, I asked my friend Jake" is accompanied by portraits of brothers John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy.
  • The yellow and white, duck-looking things are Atari Dragons from the old Atari 2600 game Adventure.
  • During one of the times the screen is flashing, a profile view of a head can be easily noticed. The head is that of Abraham Lincoln.
  • The Visor Robot's voice is Macintosh's Zarvox.
  • The beat The Cheat uses (minus the handclap) is a sample from James Brown's "Funky Drummer", the basis for countless raps. The "Woo!" sample is mostly likely a reference to Rob Base's hit "It Takes Two", which used the infamous "yeah/woo" loop from "Think (About It)", another oft-sampled James Brown classic.
  • The drums The Cheat plays are modeled after Simmons electronic drums, whose distinctive hexagonal shape became mildly iconic in the 1980s.

Fast Forward

DVD Version

  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Strong Bad, Mike Chapman)


MIKE: Oh, it's Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: That's right.

MIKE: Oh, hey, holy crap, right?

STRONG BAD: Oh- I'm gonna kick you out of this room, this tiny room we're in...

MIKE: Oh, right, say it. Let me- let me hear you say it. Come on-

STRONG BAD: Alright, let's talk about this sweet video that The Cheat made.

MIKE: {simultaneously with previous line} I like your shades, right there.

STRONG BAD: This was a milestone in The Cheat's Flash animating career, I think.

MIKE: This was the second, uh, thing he made, wasn't it?


MIKE: After the- his own theme song.

STRONG BAD: That, that travesty that was The Cheat Theme Song. But the song was okay, thanks to The Skate Partay.

MIKE: So how much, uh, how much did you have to say about this, in terms of, uh, what did you contribute to the video?

STRONG BAD: Oh, everything. That was my wiffle ball, that was my duct tape, that was my CD...

MIKE: Oh, so all of the- the JPEG pictures were yours?

STRONG BAD: {simultaneously with previous line} Look, I was riding the L train, back out to Brooklyn.

MIKE: Yeah?

STRONG BAD: At that time, yeah.

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG BAD: Reading- reading the new, the new James L. Took novel.

MIKE: {laughs} Yeah?

STRONG BAD: Yeah, it's one of my favorite... authors.

MIKE: Yeah, yeah. That's not true.

STRONG BAD: Uh, look out for that big wiffle ball!

MIKE: Why is your wiffle ball eating you?

STRONG BAD: Well, that was The Cheat, he was-

MIKE: Who- who was that, by the way? The guy with the bag over his head?

STRONG BAD: That was-

MIKE: Was that the Unknown Comic?

STRONG BAD: I think it was. From the Gong Show? {Mike laughs} Oh, the Bobbys and the Jakeys. {pause} Man, this - I'm surprised I haven't been sued from people going into convulsions from watching some of these Cheat videos. They're-

MIKE: They do have some flashing images.

STRONG BAD: They're flashy. For sure. Lookit, oh- {unintelligible}

MIKE: {unintelligible} Don't swallow your tongue!

STRONG BAD: Sorry, that was insensitive.

MIKE: I was always very afraid of swallowing my tongue when I was younger, that was one of my-

STRONG BAD: It was in, like, Airport 76 or something.

MIKE: Oh, was it?

STRONG BAD: Freaked us out.

MIKE: I think I saw it on Real People with John Davison.


MIKE: Or maybe That's Incredible.

STRONG BAD: That's in- that's real...

MIKE: {unintelligible}

STRONG BAD: I always said chiggidi-buh. Now... nowadays.

Fun Facts

  • The Gong Show was a comedic television show in the late 70s; one recurring feature was the Unknown Comic, who wore a paper bag over his head.
  • The mention of convulsions from flashing images is a reference to the phenomenon of photosensitive seizures, and in particular the 1997 incident in which hundreds of Japanese children reported such seizures after watching a Pokémon episode featuring rapidly flashing colored frames.
  • Although "Airport 76" was not a real movie, Strong Bad may have been referring to the disaster film Airport '77.
  • Real People and That's Incredible were both reality television shows in the early 80s that interviewed "ordinary" people. That's Incredible! emphasized paranormal or remarkable phenomena.

See Also

  • The visuals that occur during the film.

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