Europa-pean Lobster

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Taste those buttery clawmeats!

The so-called Europa-pean lobster is a lobster that fell to Earth inside Strong Bad's rocket after he launched it using an air compressor. Strong Bad had hoped that it would return with a lobster from Europa, a moon of the planet Jupiter, which some scientists believe can sustain underwater life. It is unknown whether the lobster is actually from the moon Europa. When the rocket landed and cracked open, the lobster fell out of it right next to the Drive-Thru Whale. The whale kindly asked the lobster to sever its leg, which it did, and then the whale ate the lobster less the leg. The whale then launched into the air via its stand, which turned out to be a rocket.

The lobster uses the design of Strong Sad's toy lobster, Gooblies, but recolored to be purple with brown spots. The spots themselves reappear on Strong Bad's diagram of a space whale in from work. "Europa-pean lobster" is a play on European lobster.


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