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Do you want to take it in a different direction?
I'm one step ahead of you, Alex. Though I decided to take it in a bit of a different direction.

Strong Bad, in 1 step ahead

Sometimes when Strong Bad answers an email, he disregards the content of the email, only addresses it briefly then rants on something different or does the complete opposite, even though in lady fan he claims, when receiving "stupid emails", to be "obligated by law to do what they say". Often, this is because Strong Bad either feels he is unable, or doesn't want to answer the immediate question (such as in dangeresque 3 where he could not say when Dangeresque 3 was to be released, as he had no intention of finishing Dangeresque 3 at the time), because he simply misunderstands (or pretends to misunderstand) the question (such as in homsar where Strong Bad thinks Vinnie C. is suggesting that he kill Homsar rather than Homestar Runner), because he finds the question too stupid to answer (such as in spring cleaning), or because he has a better idea (such as in 1 step ahead, where he glues Strong Sad's hands to his butt rather than to his head).


  • Email homsar — Vinnie C. suggests that if Strong Bad hates "Homsar" (a misspelling of "Homestar") so much, he should kill him. Strong Bad, however, takes this literally, leading him to attempt to kill a new character, Homsar, instead.
  • Email spring cleaning — Strong Bad deletes each email instead of answering it.
  • Email 1 step ahead — The email suggests Strong Bad glue Strong Sad's hands to his face. One of the choices is to TAKE IT IN A BIT OF A DIFFERENT DIRECTION. If this choice is picked, Strong Bad does, in fact, take it in a different direction by gluing Strong Sad's hands to his butt instead of his face.
  • Email superhero nameStiny asks about Strong Bad's name, but Strong Bad instead makes fun of Stiny's.
  • Email gimmicks — Strong Bad is reminded of the times when he didn't need a gimmick to be funny... shortly before his computer explodes.
  • Email caper — James asks Strong Bad and The Cheat to pull a caper. Instead, Strong Bad responds by recalling how The Cheat screwed up "the Jumble caper", and spends the rest of the email repairing their relationship.
  • Email big white face — Jen C. asks Strong Bad why he is mean to "the guy with the big white face and gray body" (clearly referring to Strong Sad). Strong Bad replies by trying to do something nice for the Poopsmith (thinking the sender was referring to a black and white picture of him) by baking him a cake, but instead throws the cake at Strong Sad and has to make The Cheat make him another one.
  • Email sibbie — Sibbie asks Strong Bad to write a song about him/her, like Strong Bad did for Fhqwhgads, but Strong Bad insists he's "not here to fulfill your every freakin' whim". The song does get made, but completely against Strong Bad's will.
  • Email stupid stuff — Kevin Grumbles asks Strong Bad to make Homestar say something stupid, but instead he tries to earn Grumblecakes by making Homestar say something smart. The final result is, unexpectedly, Homestar making Strong Bad say something stupid, thus winning his own Grumblecake bet.
  • Email car — Kyle asks Strong Bad if he has a "pimped out" car, but Homestar shifts focus to his "tricked out propeller cap".
  • Email dangeresque 3 — John Newell asks when Dangeresque 3 is coming out, and instead of answering, Strong Bad shows a remastered version of Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, Too?.
  • Email old comics — Zack asks why The King of Town has a poopsmith, but instead Strong Bad talks about the King of Town and the Poopsmith's old syndicated newspaper comic called The Castlefunnies.
  • Email origins — Strong Bad pointedly refuses to talk about the origins of The Stick, and instead goes on a tangent about The Stick's hangingoutitude and the formation of the On Point Kings.
  • Email long pants — Instead of doing what the long email says, Strong Bad makes it shorter, starting to answer his edited version and ultimately causing Homestar to get "creepy pants".
  • Email narrator — Grant Gossman asks Strong Bad if he has ever done narration for a movie, but instead he narrates the other characters' lives as if they were movie trailers.
  • Email what I want — Talon Jendro asks Strong Bad what he would like for Decemberween, but instead Strong Bad focuses on a list of presents he does not want.
  • Email looking old — Andy Hsiao asks Strong Bad how old he is, but instead he tells us his age is a secret, then spends the rest of the email trying to appeal to the youth demographic.
  • Email strong badathlon — Lewis Rudkin asks Strong Bad to either throw The Cheat as far as he can or beat the crud out of Homestar. Strong Bad instead talks about a contest held in Strong Badia called the Strong Badathlon, during which he is seen doing neither of these, though it is to be reasonably inferred that he did participate in these events.
  • Email unnatural — Strong Bad is asked if Strong Badia ever has natural disasters, but spends more time talking about Strong Badia's unnatural disasters, like the time Bubs became the giant King Bubsgonzola Supreme.
  • Email hygiene — Instead of making an educational film for the sender of the sbemail, Strong Bad makes an insulting film about him.
  • Email yes, wrestling — Strong Bad is asked to show some of his "awesome wrestling moves", but instead talks about the various gimmicks and wrestling personae he used during his supposed wrestling career.
  • Email licensed — Strong Bad is asked if he has any licensed merchandise, but instead shows us some of his unlicensed items.
  • Email rated — Instead of talking about his favorite movie, Strong Bad talks about his favorite genre of movie.
  • Email hiding — When asked about his "awesome hiding place" for Hide 'n' Seek, Strong Bad instead goes on to talk about the pros and cons of using the game to get rid of Homestar, only referring to his hiding place close to the end... by refusing to talk about it.
  • Email email thunder — Strong Bad sits down to check his 200th e-mail, but discovers that it is addressed to Homestar.
  • Email imaginary — Strong Bad is asked how to get rid of an annoying friend, but he instead talks about Strong Sad's imaginary friend, Scotty Titi. However, he comes back to the subject at the end of the email by suggesting that the sender should duct tape his brother's friend to the ceiling.
  • Email independent — Strong Bad is asked if Strong Badia has a film festival, but instead of talking about that he spends the email discussing the difference between independent and "indie" films. Then Strong Bad mocks the writer, guessing that he expected to see the characters' entries in the supposed film festival.
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