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Print. Chew. Crumple. Repeat!

The Email Processing Room is the nexus of all Strong Bad's e-mail processing. Linked through the animated GIF of a mouse on Strong Bad's Website, it is definitely not a part of the normal Homestar Runner world, but clever and amusing enough to be listed here.

Page Title: MEN AT WORK


Processing Details

The Cheat types on an old computer (telling by the shape of the computer case and the monitor on top, probably an Apple II) and prints out a potential email candidate. Strong Mad grabs The Paper, puts on his reading glasses, and reads the email carefully. He then chews up the paper, spits it into a cylinder, and sends it via pneumatic tube to Strong Bad. Strong Mad takes off his glasses. Strong Bad just laughs at the paper and and rips it into tiny pieces. This cycle repeats.

Noted Inconsistency

Behind Strong Mad can be seen a poster reading "GET BACK TO WORK!" and three signs that say, "PRIDE," "DETAIL," and "ETHICS." They include a link to the former website of "The Rumor." The site has since expired and been turned into a weight loss advertisement page. This is notable because in an early FAQ, requests for links from Homestar Runner were rejected on the grounds that they do not use links to other sites. This has been corrected in the later FAQ.

The Rumor

"The Rumor" eventually became DumpyUSA, a website run by Brent McNeal and Adam Sterritt, who are friends of Matt Chapman and Craig Zobel and brother to Ryan Sterritt, who are all Homestar Runner creators and contributors. The "Pride," "Detail," and "Ethics" signs in the cartoon refer to corresponding signs posted in Rumor South headquarters, i.e. Adam's bedroom.

The new site includes a photo page of Matt and Adam's blog with archives.

Fun Facts

  • Back in the Tandy era, sending Strong Bad an email would get an automated response that linked here.
    • In that email, he explains the order of events in an anagram. The email gets "R.E.D. The Cheat Reads it, Strong Mad Eats it, and I Deletes it."
  • Strong Mad's right arm is messed up (he appears to "grow" another arm out of it).
  • The printer shown here may be the printer Strong Bad uses at the end of emails.
    • If this is true, then this is the only toon on the site where we see the actual printer, not just the paper.
  • You can find the SWF file for processing if you explore disc 2 of "sbemail.exe- The First Hundred Strong Bad E-mails" in your computer's DVD drive (if you have one).

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