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Edgar, the virus hunter

Edgar is a programmer who writes antivirus and email utilities for the Compy 386, Lappy 486, and the Corpy NT6 systems. He may live with his mother, as he does all of his programming in various locations inside her house. Edgar is a spoof of the popular Norton Utilities, which also used to have a picture of its creator as its icon. He apparently has many relatives and associates who also write software. All of their software is outdated.


[edit] Edgarware

"Now drop a train on 'em!"

Edgarware, or Edgar the Virus Hunter, is Strong Bad's anti-virus program on the Compy 386 and was copyrighted in 1982. He used it in the Strong Bad Email virus, in which it detected 423,827 viruses on the Compy. The viruses caused a Flagrant System Error and ended the computer before Edgarware had time to try to remove them. The program appeared again on Main Page 22. Even later, the floppy disk container for Strong Badia the Free revealed that Edgarware comes in a suite of related applications, including "anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-mail, anti-productivity, and antidisestablishmentarianism software".

This is the splash screen for Edgarware:

[edit] Edga Jr.

The Edga Jr. Splash Screen

Edga Jr. is a software similar to Edgarware. Its purpose is to filter out emails that contain indents, since Strong Bad seems to dislike emails with multiple paragraphs. It first appears in the email long pants. Strong Bad calls Edga Jr. "one o' them red-haireded rapscalli...wags."

Its splash screen reads:

The placeholder email address for the Deleteheads mailing list signup on the Index Page and the Trogdor!! The Board Game website is EdgarJr@traindropper.com.

[edit] Edgar's Baby's Daddy

Edgar's Baby's Daddy

Edgar's Baby's Daddy is a computer protection software similar to Edgarware and Edga Jr. It is a Homestar junkmail filter that filters out all emails sent by Homestar Runner, who seems to email Strong Bad several times a minute. Strong Bad has it installed on his Lappy 486. It was seen in the email candy product.

The filter screen reads:

Edgar´s Baby´s Daddy
H*R Junkmail Filta
Subject Time Sender
Re: Besing Friends
Draw Trogdor again ;)
Re: re: re: resending
Re: PharamBlacy news
Possible caper
Rrrrates so low!!!!
Shemp vs. Curly Joe
It´s almost 10:25!!
Homestar Runner
Homestar Runner
Homestar Runner
Homestar Runner
Homestar Runner
Homestar Runner
Homestar Runner
Homestar Runner

[edit] Grandmaw Edgar

"Good thing The Cheat hooked me up with this Cheatware!"
"Nice work, pixel granny!"

Grandmaw Edgar was given to Strong Bad by The Cheat. It was used by Strong Bad in from work in order to get around the corporate firewall and check his email. Its loading screen features an animation of Grandmaw Edgar pole vaulting over a brick wall into an envelope.

Its splash screen reads:

[edit] Edgar's Older Cousin's Pet Ferret

Too many 'How do you tweet with boxing gloves on' tweets! Must... drop... train on em!!

Strong Bad, on his Twitter account, says that he uses Edgar's Older Cousin's Pet Ferret: The Redundant Tweet Obliterator to delete Tweets about how he can Tweet with boxing gloves on.

This program has never been shown in action, but its floppy disk reads:

[edit] Edgar Jr's Cool Babysitter

"It does when I utilize THIS bad girl!"

Strong Bad uses Edgar Jr's Cool Babysitter's Twee-Mail Converter to convert Tweets to emails, according to @StrongBadActual. The spelling of Edgar Jr's name here indicates that "Edga Jr." may be just a nickname.

Its splash screen reads:

[edit] Edgar's Luddite Paw-Paw

"Good thing I've got this old timer workin' for me."

The third Edgar-related software to be introduced by @StrongBadActual, Edgar's Luddite Paw-Paw's Unfortunate Tweet Deleter is what Strong Bad uses to delete unfortunate or confusing Tweets. The Unfortunate Tweet Deleter seems to have been in action at least once, to delete a misleading Tweet about Trogdor!! The Board Game's release date.

Its splash screen reads:

[edit] Edgar, King of All Streams

Stream it down, son.

Strong Bad tested Edgar, King of All Streams to stream a playthrough of Tass Times in Tonetown on 19 March 2020. The connection only lasted about twenty seconds before being "VERY LOST".

The program's splash screen reads:

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