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| align=center | Female
| align=center | Female
| align=center | [[Wikipedia:Alice (Dilbert character)|Alice]]/[[Wikipedia:List of minor characters in Dilbert#Carol|Carol]]
| align=center | [[Wikipedia:Alice (Dilbert character)|Alice]]/[[Wikipedia:Carol (Dilbert character)|Carol]]
| align=center | Short Comb-over Guy
| align=center | Short Comb-over Guy

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This article is about the comic strip. For the Strong Bad Email, see dullard.

Dullard is a comic strip by Levert Burtmore. It first appeared in the Strong Bad Email of the same name. It is a parody of the Dilbert comic strip by Scott Adams. It later appeared in the Puppet toon Biz Cas Fri 1. Three additional comic strips that can be found only on the strongbad_email.exe DVD appear below.


Dullard 1 from Strong Bad Email #37

Dullard 2 from puppet toon "Biz Cas Fri 1"

Dullard (DVD version, method #2)

Dullard (DVD version, method #3)

Dullard (DVD version, method #4)

Dullard 3 from Strong Bad Email #159

Dullard 4 from Strong Bad Email #161

Dullard 5 from Strong Bad Email #169


Most characters in the strip correspond with different Dilbert characters.

Dullard Character Dilbert Character
Dullard Dilbert
Bald Boss Pointy-Haired Boss
Generic Guy Ted, the Generic Guy
Female Alice/Carol
Short Comb-over Guy Wally
Animal wearing tie Dogbert or Catbert

Fun Facts

  • The line "everything is awesome", from the first panel in method #3, was previously used in the email little animal.
  • In the Dilbert comic on December 5th, 2004, Dilbert helps the Boss change his password. It corresponds to the one in 4 branches.
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