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Out of all the birds out there, ducks have been mentioned the most in Free Country, USA.


  • In the Strong Bad email lunch special, Strong Bad asks The Cheat if he is a duck. Also a recipe for Duck A L'Orange is given.
  • duck pond: a Strong Bad Email all about ducks, with an accompanying game.
  • Halloween Fairstival: After a failed attempt to hold his breath on a ten dollar bet, Strong Bad tells Homestar to try again because "ten is a lot of bucks", Homestar replies with "right, right, a lot of ducks!" Also the King of Town's Turducken has a duck in the center of it.
  • In A Decemberween Pageant, Bubs, responding to Strong Bad's idea to search down by the docks, says "Ooh. I thought you said ducks."
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