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Starring the popular Ron Planet!

Duck Guardian 2, another game designed by Videlectrix, is the sequel to the Homestar Runner game Duck Guardian One. The sequel and its predecessor appear to be the same in gameplay, and there is only one noticeable difference between the games at a glance: Duck Guardian 2 introduces a character, Ron Planet.

Unlike its predecessor, Duck Guardian 2 is not actually available for play. It does appear to be an actual game within the Homestar Runner universe, however. In an older version of the website's FAQ, Strong Bad urges the viewer to hurry up and pick a question, as he wants to play his new copy of the game.

Clicking on the balloon reading "starring the popular Ron Planet!" will take you to, a comic strip written by Matt Chapman and Craig Zobel.

The box cover calls Ron Planet "popular", but in the comic, he is anything but. In fact, his unpopularity is the driving force of the storyline.

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