Doomy Tales of the Macabre Costumes

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Costumes that the characters wore in Doomy Tales of the Macabre, Halloween 2009.

Image Character Costume Explanation External Links
Strong Sad Doyle from The Misfits Paul Caiafa, also known as Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, was the guitarist for The Misfits from 1980 until the band's breakup in 1983, and again from its reformation in 1995 until 2001. He is the younger brother of bassist Jerry Only, one of the band's founding members. Wikipedia article
The King of Town Colonel Mustard Colonel Mustard is a character in the board game Clue. Strong Bad's remarks about the costume refer to the clues used in figuring out "whodunnit". Wikipedia article
Marzipan Lola Lola (played by Franka Potente) is the eponymous character of the 1998 film Run Lola Run. Lola has twenty minutes to save her boyfriend's life, and three different versions of the events are shown. Wikipedia article
Homestar Runner as Crispin Glover as Rubin Farr Homestar Runner Crispin Glover as Rubin Farr Rubin Farr is a character portrayed by actor Crispin Glover in the 1991 film Rubin and Ed. Four years earlier, Glover appeared in character as Rubin in a notorious interview in Late Night with David Letterman. Wikipedia article
Coach Z MC Skat Kat MC Skat Kat is an animated feline rapper that debuted in the 1989 music video for Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract." Wikipedia article
Bubs Jules Winnfield Jules Winnfield is a contract killer played by Samuel L. Jackson in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction. Wikipedia article
Pom Pom Pooka The Pooka is the main type of enemy in the 1982 Namco game Dig Dug. The Poopsmith pops him in the same way Pookas are killed in Dig Dug. Wikipedia article
The Poopsmith Goron King Dirunia Darunia (name misspelled in the toon) is the leader of the Gorons in The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. One of the tasks Link must perform is to play Saria's Song for him, to which he dances (much like the Poopsmith). Wikipedia article
Homsar Little Orphan Annie Little Orphan Annie is a fictional character first created for a comic strip in 1924. The strip has run in newspapers continuously since then and spawned a popular children's radio program, a stage musical, and a 1981 film. Wikipedia article
Strong Mad Sal from Dire Straits' 'Money for Nothin' Sal, a mover, and co-worker Harv, were the main characters in the 1985 music video featuring groundbreaking (for its time) computer animation. His line in the Easter Egg, "Move-a Move-a", is a line from the song. Wikipedia article
The Cheat as the Lorax The Cheat The Lorax The Lorax is a character created by Dr. Seuss, whose job is to protect and "speak for" the trees in an environmentalist story. The Cheat stands on his finger and "lifts" himself away much like The Lorax does in the cartoon, and the "unless" podium is a clue to the solution to the tree problem addressed in the story. Wikipedia article
Strong Bad Skull Kid Skull Kid is an antagonist in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. In the beginning of the game, he steals the Ocarina of Time and turns Link into a Deku. Legend indicates that he was once a child until being stranded for a lengthy period in the Lost Woods. He later received supernatural powers from the titular mask, stolen from a mysterious salesman. Wikipedia article
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